Monday, 16 May 2016

The Dream Giver

The Dream Giver
By Amelie

Hello I'm the dream giver you do not know me but I know you. I sneak into your room every night and fill your head with dreams.
Image result for the dream giverTonight I went to an orphanage. I poured the magic dream yolk into little Tina's ballet shoes and gave her dreams of ballerinas, I poured the magic dream yolk into billy's lamp and gave him dreams of floating in space. Whilst i was making dreams I carefully placed my magic eggs onto Jim bobs bed at his feet. I should have known that Jim bob was a restless sleeper, He kicked my precious magic eggs onto the floor, that floor was made of wood that wood had dust on it, that dust had a rug over it and that rug had a book on it, you might think it will only give them bad dreams while you are wrong, you see objects have room for imagination and that room puts the dream into your head so you can imagine it. But books have no room for imagination so they are put in the real world for all to see. 
As the egg slowly dropped I wished with all my heart that it would not crack but wishing like dreams most of the time is unlikely so of course like magic dream yolk hitting a book it was real it cracked. all the contents spilled over the book covering all the words so not to miss out 1 slightly fictional character. Then the chaos started One big fiery dragon burst out and flew into the night sky one wild boar ran out onto the road causing the dragon to shoot fire out of its gaping mouth, and then my (least) favorite friends the pixies came out First it was maria the book taker.  “Ok what book was it this time dream giver.” she said. “Jane and the dragon I think.” I replied “You should know Jim bob you have been giving him dreams for 5 years.” she sharply told me  “I'm sorry I'll fix it” I said sadly
So I put some magic yolk on a toy helicopter flew into the night sky and poured anti dream serum onto the dragon and the wild boar.
First they twisted like a huge towel being strung out, then they shrunk to the size of a tennis ball, then they flew into the night sky almost out of the earth's atmosphere, but then they came shooting down at the speed of light until they froze hung in the air and then slowly flew back into the book.

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