Sunday, 1 May 2016

Trip to Japan

Waking up early isn’t my thing but going to Japan is definitely worth waking up early for. In the holidays My Brother Liam, Mum and I went to Japan to vist my Grandma my Dad couldn’t come because he had to work.

My Grandma house is right in the middle of Japan so it takes hours and hours to get there from the main airport in Tokyo. My Grandma doesn’t live near a beech and the closest theme park is 3 hours away by train. However there are many fun things in my Grandma's area like the park across the road and a mall nearby and many more.

Every time we go to Japan we usually go to a theme park last year we went to disneyland so we decided to go to Universal studios. My Mum thought it would be fun to go to Universal studios because they have a whole new Harry Potter village. The village looked exactly like it was in the movie. We stayed in the universal studios for 2 nights and 3 days I had a blast there.

After we left Osaka (universal studios ) we met my Grandma at this hotel. The Hotel was famous for the fresh water spa, the spa was grey but it was clear, hot and fresh. I was very happy to go to that hotel because it was old Japanese style. Old Japanese style is hand made paper and wood sliding doors in every room with rice straw floors. We stayed there for 1 day then headed back to my grandmas.

We stayed at my grandmas for 3 more days before we headed for Hong kong. We went to Hong Kong for 6 hours there we went shopping and eat chinese food then headed home for New Zealand.

It had been too long since I've seen my grandma, even tho we stayed for 10 days I definitely made the most. I had so much fun in Japan I will go back to Japan again in December can’t wait!

Harry Potter Village Universal

My Grandma's garden

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