Sunday, 15 May 2016

Usage of Chromebooks at school!

Usage of Chromebooks at school!

I believe that the students of Reremoana school should be able to use chromebooks during school hours!

Image result for mathletics logoChromebooks give students more learning opportunities and tools to help them grow their knowledge. Chromebooks are the learning tool that schools across the country have decided to use. A chromebook give you access to sites like Mathletics, Quizlet and Prototec which are big learning tools we use at school. Having a chromebook insures you that you are on track with your work because of helpful tools like google slides, google docs and everything else that your school account comes with. Without your chromebook, children across New Zealand would not be able to gain the education and they need and will not be able to keep up with the other kids.

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Having a chromebook teaches the students responsibility and gives them a sense of importance. Knowing that they should charge their chromebooks, bring them to school and take care of them insures the people around us see that the students take pride in owning a chromebook. Owning a chromebook creates the thought of independents and relying on nobody but yourself to bring your chromebook to school everyday to grow their knowledge.

Chromebooks are good ways to keep track of what the students are doing because teachers are able to view the work the students do. Chromebooks have modern technology which are suitable for students, chromebooks have the tools and the sites which differently grow pupils knowledge.

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