Thursday, 26 May 2016

We should get public courts in wattle downs

We should get public courts because it will be good to have people using them because they are not allowed to use they schools unless the school is open. people could also get their friend and go play some basketball netball or even tennis instead of staying at home being bored not allowed to play with your friends. It can be used for team trainings outside of school so you can get more practice at that sport because more practice is never bad never not fun with friends.PicMonkey Collage.jpg

If you do practice at the courts it will be good because you aren't just waiting for their school or team practice you using your own time to create more skill for yourself. When you're playing with your friend your not just playing you are learning more skill and getting lots of fitness from the running and it is good because you have a opponent to practice on instead of not having a challenge. Instead of having your team training so far away from where you live you can organize to have some trainings there so everyone there on ku basketball practice facility_090_t960.jpg

In these public courts it can be used for lots of different reasons of game sports training … and this way people don’t just have to be playing something they can even just go to through the ball around or something. If you're getting bored around the house you can come to the public courts and entertain yourself by playing something and setting yourself a goal before you leave.

So that is why we should get public courts in wattle downs and one more thing it will be open to anyone that wants to go there so even if you don’t live in wattle down you are free to go in. we need to get some public courts so everyone can do what they want to do when they want to do it instead of having a boring weekend at home not aloud to play with your friend.basketballsunset.jpg

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