Thursday, 19 May 2016

What I did in the Holidays : P

1. During Term 1 ,my Mum had signed my little Sister and I up to be in a Play 
" Alice in Wonderland " at a Theater Company called " Off Broadway Theater " in Papakura. It was so Amazing because I made some Awesome New Friends like

  • Samara Czepanski / Alice
  • Geena Hine / Queen of Hearts
  • Caitlyn Bonnar and Charlotte McDonald / Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee
  • Tane Hippolite / Mad Hatter and Tall Alice
  • Poppy and Molly Edagar / March Hare and Little Alice
  • Hannah Jennings / Cardsmen and Lobster
  • Analeise and Sophia Larsen / Violet and Petunia
  • Tremaien Teare and Caleb Czepanski / White Rabbit
  • Jonika Farnell / Cardsmen, Jellyfish and Doormouse  
  • Levi Czepanski / King of Hearts
and I loved every second of being there.

2.  In the play I was the Dodo Bird( I look like a Big Bear with a Beak ) and the King of Hearts. We Rehearsed 3 days a Week and there was about 30 of us but we got split into Cast Zipp and Cast Doda. We Learnt Vocal Exercises, Dance Exercises , we learnt how much work goes into Theater, Make up, Dance, Sing, Act and a lot more. My Sister and I had a BLAST but were very sad when it had come to an end :C 

3. Dodo Bird :

Personality : Cheerful, Absent-minded, Helpful, Polite

Appearance Obese dodo bird, White wig, Clad in blue clothing, Black hat, White feathers
Friends: Alice, White Rabbit, Fishes and Crustaceans
Foes: Queen of Hearts

Likes: Drying off, His smoke pipe

King of Hearts :

Personality: Fair, Shy, Patient, Quiet, Polite, Kind, Cowardly.
Appearance: Giant gold crown, Fair skin, Orange hair, Miniscule, Slender, Mustachioed, Red robe, Gold beard.
Friends : Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit, Card Soldiers.
Foes: Cheshire Cat

In the play these are some of the songs I sing

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