Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Why board of trustess needs to develop the space outside room 7/8

       Why we need some more room and a roof over in room 7 and 8s block

Ugh why is it so windy! It is so hot. Ohhh i cant work outside its pouring rain!, I think we need more room and definitely ONE ROOF SO I CAN WORK OUT SIDE WHEN ITS RAINING. I mean we need to enhance this place. Look at it right now its all muddy its caused a lot of hazards I mean just the other week someone slipped over right in front of me but he said he was fine. And hopefully after i have had my talk with you you’ll change your mind!

Reason 1

You would want some actual space to do some actual school work, I mean who would want to work outside in a very small windy wet place and ITS PORING WITH RAIN, I think i’d want to work outside when its raining but what will we do to keep us dry, oh I know I THINK WE NEED A ROOF, I really want to work outside even when it is other wise thundering or its pitch black and lightning struck, I mean who would want to work outside while that's happening I know I would want to! I mean seriously when ever I would go outside to work it would be freezing, windy or pouring with rain. Other wise there is always lots of puddles would be right in front of me, and trust me I have seen heaps of people slip and hurt them selves or there just dirty. What if somebody is walking around that puddle and BASH, there chrome book is broken and cracked and broke to pieces, and this is what I'm going to talk about next.  

Hazards around this area is pretty horrible, as I was saying before, their is always a puddle by the boys toilets and I've seen 7 people slip over I always ask them if there ok but they say there alright, sometimes I don't think they are. When ever it rains there is water and mud all over the concrete and the grass, and once again people slip over, and especially in the cloak bays when its raining is slip time.

We need more space to actually hang in and eat our morning tea, I mean have you seen the place its just a triangle with a bit of grass and concrete with a table in the middle, Who would want to work their NOT ME, HAVE you seen the space for the table, the table is almost bigger than the hole concrete down there, when I actually use the table MY LEGS BUTT HARDLY TOUCHES THE SEAT, when i try to type on my computer on the table outside, my butt almost comes off the seat, so I think we need to move the seats in more!

 And those are my three reasons why we need more space, a roof for us to work in this specific space when its raining, and less hazards. I hope my talk with you has changed your mind and you will put all of my reasons in this space!

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