Thursday, 19 May 2016

why the board of trusties should develop space outside room 7/8

when ever room 7/8 needs to do a task and there is too many people inside and you need to go outside to work but what if its raining you cant so this is why im writing this so we can get more area to work outside.

First of all when it is raining and we cant eat inside our class because there is too many fragile things so we should get a roof to eat without getting rained and if its a hailstorm hailed on.

secondly we will need more room for our class so when we show projects and its raining and there is not enough room we will have to go outside and the projects if they are paper they will evaporate and we will have to restart our work so thats why we need more  room in room 7/8.

and here is the final reason so we need a roof because when or after it rains there will be big puddles everywhere and people will trip up while they are eating or going to the toilet.

so these are my reasons that we should get more room in room 7/8

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  1. This is a really good writing peace, I now know that these places are hazard places, when Its wet or raining. From the looks of these photos this area looks pretty ugly to me it looks like it needs a tidy up. But this is a really great persuasive writing peace!