Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Why Wattle downs needs public courts

Why  Wattle Downs needs a public court

Wattle downs is a really lovely place a lot of kids, parents and teenagers. Most of them love to play sport, like basketball netball and Hockey that can be played on courts or turf, and there is not a single court around Wattle Downs. If your thinking, why cant you  use the school courts, well your thinking wrong, sometimes there would be hockey training or basketball training, and they both can’t use it  together because there is two balls going around the same place.

A public court would be good for the holidays, especial when the school is closed and the alarms are on. Public courts would be a great place for basketball training, there would be a lot of hoops and, there would be proper lines to play a mini game of basketball, and If they make it big enough there could be a netball court to. There are so many ways to have a public court!. A lot of people can’t afford netball hoops or basketball hoops for there kids to practice there shooting in, sometimes kids don't have anything to practice there sports on or in. And I don't think that's fair so we need a public court!.

The court can be good for around our school community because sometimes the school is closed during the holidays and a hockey team, netball team or a basketball team cant train during the holidays because there is no public courts around the area, If we get this space, then heaps of basketball, netball, and hockey teams can play on that court. It would be so useful to all of those teams and helpful when they don't know the school code for the alarm. If we get these courts some very lazy kids can hop of there bottoms and actually go and play at these courts, plus they wont be bothering there parents.

Instead of ruining the worn out reremoana school courts, with basketballs and wooden hockey sticks that make marks, we can use this public court, always at lunch times kids are wanting to play on the courts but they cant, because there would other wise be sports trails, or sports training's that are on. I think we need this public court around our school area so that if we have sports trials that involve being on Reremoana courts we can just walk across to the public courts and trail our hearts out, and we can give the students at Reremoana school a chance to play on the courts. The courts can be us fell because so many people would be playing, you can have a basketball tournament, or play your basketball games at this specific quadrangle space.

We need a court because it would be useful,people will get of there bottoms, and schools can train on this court. I hope you enjoyed listening/reading my persuasive speech of why we need a public court for around wattle downs!.

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