Thursday, 26 May 2016

Why we she get a hockey turf for locials

Why we should get a hockey Turf for locials  

I believe that we SHOULD HAVE a hockey turf in Wattle Downs. I think that because at Reremoana School there are about 30 or more kids playing hockey. Maybe there are other people in Wattle Downs who want to play some hockey too.

There are many great things about hockey turfs.
Firstly It's good for your sticks when you play on a turf because if you play or practice on the concrete your stick will get beaten up (munted). Secondly if you play or practice on turf and you full over. You can get back up with some grazes but if you were on concrete you would maybe get  back up but maybe not. Thirdly when you hit the ball on the turf it would go much faster than on concrete.

Image result for hockey sticksIf we had built a hockey turf in Wattle Downs it would cost a lot but worth it. Hockey turfs are really really massive. It seems like there wouldn’t be space in Wattle Downs but there IS where the geese cross. If people had a public hockey turf people would be so happy because there are no hockey turfs in Wattle Downs. People can just go to the public turfs in stead of going to the school.

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Now that there is a hockey turf in Wattle Downs you can go to the turf and play hockey for as long as you want. It would be a great family bonding exercise. That why we need a hockey turf at school.   

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