Thursday, 12 May 2016

why we should be allowed to use chromebooks

We should be allowed to use chromebooks at school because they provide us with educational learning and reremoana school should be allowed…

Image result for chromebooksFirstly we should be allowed to because they have a billion and more website to help us with our learning like mathletics, prototec and other websites.

Image result for chromebooksSecondly it will be easier for teachers to keep track of our learning and what we need to work on and it can correct our spelling mistakes in our writing and it will be easier to work on project because if you need information you can search it up.
Thirdly you can share your documents and slides with your buddy, then both of you’s can work on it instead of a book and paper so both of you's can comment on what you did wrong or what you have to work on or do more on.

These are my 3 reasons but convince your parents to get you a chromebook because it will enhance your learning a lot.

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