Thursday, 19 May 2016

Why we should Develop area outside our class

Why we should Develop area outside our class

20160516_150453_resized.jpgI think that we should develop an area outside room 7 and 5. I think that because when it get wet the grass is so muddy and people will slip over but  if we put a cover over it would stop the muddy grass and we could have another learning space.

20160516_150457_resized.jpgFirstly I think that we should have a cover because there are pipes that leak and the cover could cover that and stop the muddy grass and all of the raining. People hate it when it's raining because then they have to sit in class with everyone around in a small class.

Secondly We should have it because we could add another learning place to learn because it's not muddy or not raining so that’s good. People don't like to be inside because it’s to crowded and if there friends are in another class the person can’t.

Thirdly We should get it because there are seats outside and they get really really wet when it rains and then the next 3 or 2 days people can’t sit outside on the seats . When people react is WHEN IT’S RAINING. They react a lot because it rains a lot I would react the same way.

I know that it would cost heaps and heaps of money but it would be worth it getting a new learning space when it’s raining it won’t get wet and you can sit on the bench and the grass. I would love to have a cover between room 5,7,8.

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  1. Daniel you have done great work i hope you get national standard at the end of the year and keep your good work up.