Thursday, 26 May 2016

Why we should get public courts in wattle downs

          We should get public courts in wattle downs.
“I want to go play basketball on the court's oh I forgot we don't have any”. Wattle downs needs courts for kids and adults to have fun on. We can place this near the park so if you have a little sister or brother and they want to play in the house you can just go to the courts and practice basketball or tennis.
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First and foremost we can have a gate that should close at a certain time so at night no one can play on it or put any graffiti on it also it can have to sides so one side can have the basketball hoops and the other can have a tennis net we can also have a certain age limit so anyone under that age can not get hurt.
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To continue the courts can have a certain type of printing so people know were to roll the tennis net to and a printing for the basketball hoop we can roof this off so if it is raining we can have a little bit of fun  because the playground is to wet to play on we can just walk to the court and have some fun.

Last but not least we can have some lighting so when it starts to get dark we can see and also we can put up a scoreboard so we can tell what the score is while we play the game and the ref of the game you are playing can see when the game ends and we can have a few plugs and some speakers so if you want to listen to some music while you play and the plug to charge up your iphone or tablet while we play so after we can go and play on them.Basketball Scoreboard by

In conclusion think of all the fun kids could have on this and it is really close to some people's houses so they can go there and then head back really easy if it is raining so why not just put a court at the park so we can have some fun or practise basketball or tennis in our on time.

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