Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Why we should get Public Courts

We Need a Public Court more than anything in wattle downs !!! If you want to play basketball , netball even tennis you have to go all the way out of wattle downs and the traffic is so bad + it’s a waste of gas if we have one in wattle downs you can just walk to it it’s so much easier. You can play with your friends and we can have sport competitions  in wattle downs.

Theres heaps of area to make it near creda and the school there's a huge patch of grass that we can turn into a concrete tennis , basketball , netball court It’s also close to a reremoana school so after we have school we go home grab some stuff to play grab a mate and then play together and have heaps of fun.

Its great to have something new in wattle downs and a lot of people are bored when they come home and want to play with there friends but don’t know what to play so they watch T.V or play on the computer. If we had a court that will change all that everyone will be out playing having fun and being kids

So come on give us a court we need this so much. To play to have fun just to be with your friends.

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