Thursday, 19 May 2016

Why we should get a roof over the yuck grass patch out side room 7 & 5

I think we should have it because the grass is all yuck and muddy because of the rain.

It rains too much in that area  If we have a roof there we can make it lovely and it could be a learning area for something it will be new and nice for our school and stand out looking good more people might join our school for little thing’s like that but little things makes a big difference. If it's wet we don't need to go and stay in all day we can go outside and play plus it  because it will be for year ⅞ instead of ⅛ so we will try our best to keep it nice and clean in that's why I think that we should have a roof outside our class because we will keep it clean it's unique we don't have as much mud outside and we can turn it into a nice learning area.

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