Thursday, 12 May 2016

Why we should have chromebooks at school

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From mathletics to Google docs chromebooks are great to have in school it gives us more learning resources that can help us in school and home. Reremoana school introduced chromebooks to the school last year, it has a huge impact on our learning which makes it more fun.

Chromebooks are great to have in school here are mant easy reasons why 1. Our pereants can keep track on what we are doing 2. The websites we use 3. It makes learning much more fun.

Reason 1 admit it your your pearents always ask how was school and what did you get up to today? However now with chromebooks our parents can see what we have done on our google accounts and the websites we use at school and at home. Not only can our perents see our work teachers can also keep track on our google accounts from when the last time we were on and our edits we have made .
My second reason why is 2 years ago we used books and couldnt take them home to rewiew our learning
So that we could prepeare for a test the following day or just wanted to review what you have done in the prevouis weeks. However with our cromebooks we can review our work any time, It also handy because we have to take our chroomebooks home anyway. One cool thing about google docs on our chroomebooks is it doesn’t even have to be our on our own chromebook or computer just log in with our username and password.

For my last reason makeing learning fun. Learning with chroomebooks makes it much more fun like I said before we can use a veriaty of wbsites that fun but still helps us with learning. For example mathletics it help us learn our basic maths knolage by playing people from across the world at any time.

Those were my 3 reasons why we should have chroomebooks in our school one for our pearents to view 2 the websites we use 3 how it makes our learning more fun I hope you understand now why we should have chroomebo
oks at school.

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