Thursday, 12 May 2016

why we should use chromebooks at school


first of all we could not of made any of the progress I have now like with maths,reading and writing

second of all if we are doing a speech about why we should not drink soda we can look up about why we should not be drinking soda every day and that will give us way more information than a dictionary

thirdly we can work with others on separate computers not just using one piece of paper so and if we are at home and using Google drive we can chat on hangouts or comments and the good thing is if someone messages someone about something not work related on there school account the teacher will be able to see what they sent to them

fourthly we have many websites to work on like mathletics,quizlet,prototec for maths and for writing we can use

 so that's why we should be using Chromebooks and not just paper so go and buy a chrome book they only costs 345 dollars.

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