Thursday, 19 May 2016

💻Why we should use chromebooks at school💻

💻Why we should use chromebooks at school💻

Why should we use chromebooks at school you say? Well i’m going to give you three good reasons to answer your question. Three simple words, asking, educational and fun.

First of all students are always nagging the teachers when they’re busy to ask them a question that the teacher won’t repeat, we always ask others but now there’s a solution, that’s why we have chromebooks at schools. To research things for projects or speeches.
There are tons of educational websites for us to use. Like; Mathletics, quizlet, prototec, reading eggs, study ladder, spellderome, language nut (for learning languages). We can use google slides for presentations, google docs for writing pieces, google forms, forms for surveying people and it sends it to google sheets if you tick the box. I find these websites very helpful now and a couple of years ago.
🚫Of course you can listen to music and watch youtube  🚫            BUT DON’T DO IT AT SCHOOL because it is against the school chromebook users agreement. Here is the link to the chromebook users agreement. You can buy cases and keyboard covers too but they can be a little pricey. I just stuck watermelon duct tape on and that still works ok. Anyway you can still have fun doing your work because you can share it with people and work on it together or even add gifs, photos, word art and EMOJI’S. It makes your work look good and you have fun doing it. But whatever you do DO NOT PLAY GAMES AT SCHOOL.

These are my three reasons why we should have chromebooks at school we can learn so much. I hope I persuaded you to get a chromebook for school.

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