Thursday, 12 May 2016

Why we shouldn't use Chromebooks at school

When your older do you want to know how to write, well I do so today I am going to persuade you why we shouldn’t use chromebooks at school.

Firstly chromebooks can hurt your eyes if you don’t use them correctly.Also do you want those funky looking things that go on your face.When we use our chromebooks we hurt our eyes by the brightness and the colors that can change rapidly.  

Secondly every time you type on a computer it doesn’t help with your handwriting skills and when you are older you not going to be able to write by hand.When you type in something and you get the word wrong it comes and says “you have incorrectly spelt word is this, the word you are looking for.”  

Finally when you are using a chromebook you could get an email from someone saying real mean things about you r you are scrolling on a page and then you click on something by accident, then it starts downloaded something OOPS.Also you could brake your computer/chromebook and then you have to pay to get repaired but if rip a book you just need to buy another book for like 2$.

So that is why we shouldn’t use chromebooks/computers at school because they can hurt your eyes,it doesn’t help with your handwriting and you can get an email from someone saying mean things to you also you could click on something and bam your downloading something also you could brake your computer/chromebook.

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