Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Why you should join a chess club

Join the chess club.
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I'm here to talk to you to today about joining the chess club we will be having a few chess tournaments on Fridays and you can buy a chess board and come play.

In the first place If you want to get in you need to beat someone else or one of the higher ranked people. If you make it in you will need to bring a chess board if you have one or a computer for going online and playing chess. We will have a chess tournament to see if the members of the club can go to a higher level rank or go down to a lower rank in the chess tournament.

FruitFurthermore We will provide some food so if you get hungry you can just ask for some food and we will supply some water so you don't need to bring any food or drink to the chess club.  

Original (3351 × 2154)Last but not least This club will help with learning strategies and some maths so its learning and fun at the same time. Also it is for over 6 so nearly everyone knows how to play and this club is free so there is not any fees for being in the club and also you don't need to bring any money for the food that is free as well.

To conclude remember you don't need to bring any food or drink so if you are over 6 and you want to play you can just go and join the chess club.

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