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Congratulations To Zachary H, Faronce' and Benjamin.
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Wonderful Wattle Downs
I believe you should live in Wattle Downs because the houses are not too expensive than in the city and it is a nice quiet environment the places in our environment is a nice small place full with fun things to do

Firstly I think you should live in Wattle Downs because there is a wonderful school in Wattle Downs named Reremoana school and at Reremoana school the sports is good I also think that you should live in wattle down is because there is a lot of grass a round that we can make houses on.Image result for reremoana school

Secondly I think you should live in Wattle Downs because there is heaps of nice people around the neighborhood that would give you things throughout the years you live there.Another reason why you should live in Wattle Downs is that the places like the parks,the daris and fish and chips shops.

Thirdly I think that you should live in Wattle Downs is because there are places for the older people to live like people have just opened a retirement home for the elderly's to stay and just across the road there is a retirement village were people can live.Another reason is that there is beautiful views that you can see out your windows of your house.I also think that you should live in Wattle downs is because it is only 12 minutes away from manukau

So I hope I have convinsed you to buy or rent a house in Wattle downs and I hope to see you around Wattle downs          

wattle down

Why Wattle Downs is the best place to live in.

Wattle down i wonder if there are some people that are wondering what wattle down look like .Wattle down has great places to live in.Wattle down is a really cool place to live in because there are a lot of place to have fun like at the park,and golf course also beach and other thing.when you live in Wattle down you can go to a lot of place because wattle down is a place that every like to play. Also it is really cool most of the kid like to play at park after school.Wattle down is a really cool place to stay in because us student like to have fun with there  friend . When they are bored there are a lot of thing you could do like go to the park go to the beach and also to the golf course and have a little play if you are aloud.

Wattle down also have a lovely view of water if you walk down the beach  it look really cool like when the sun come out  it shine at the water it look so nice that you would like to swim in it every single day.Wattle down is a place full of kind people. Wattle down is a place where people never ever do bad thing it not like other places like people always do bad stuff.But if you live in wattle down heaps of people are friend because that is how people in wattle down roll they help each other out. Would like to live in a lovely environment well wattle down has the best environment in the world because i think that because every single day i walk  past somewhere everything look perfect.Reremoana is s school in wattle down if you come to reremoana that will be the best school also that is a very good school .   

Neighbor.Neighbor in wattle down are very kind they will always help you out with thing like when my mum and dad aren't at home we stay over at our next door neighbors house and they we stay there until they are here also they look after us.Next door neighbors in wattle down are very kind wouldn't you want a kind next door neighbors that is so kind to you i would like to have neighbour like just think about the other places like manger,otara,and all some other doge places but over in wattle down no one ever does bad thing.         

 Golf course is a really cool place to go and have a little play with you friend also they are some yummmy pizza i think you would really like to have those yummy pizza also they have cool golf course to do.wouldnt you like to have nice golf course well that golf course in wattle down some people help you when you are at the golf course.

Now that you no that why you should live in wattle down because wattle down is the best place to live in also because there good environment good next door neighbor also fun places like golf course and park the beach so now that you no why can't you go and buy you are new house in wattle down and stay there for your whole life because wattle down don't have doge people also wattle down has people that helps you out.Now you should go and get a house NOW     


Why you need to live in wattle downs
You should and need to live in wattle down because there is plenty of things that you can do. Wattle down is a very safe and good environment to live in because of all the nice neighbours.there is a big beach that you can go to for a bit of fun. If you have a parent that likes golf then you can go to the local golf course that they have around for people to play during the week or in the weekend.

Wattle down is a safe place because of how many people live there and since there is lots of people it is a high chance that if something bad happens someone will see. It not just a safe place it's a good place because of all the nice people that live there and help out when needed to be as nice as they can. There is lots of houses so that there will be lots more people living there and lots of there kids go to school so the will be able to play with new friend around there house.p-23577-nzh.jpg

The golf course, the golf course is a really cool place because you can go there when you want to play golf you can sign up and become a member of the club if you want to play regually.It is great fun to play golf aswell so if u learn then you an play by yourself and keep practicing at the club so that you get better then vs other people in differnt areas. The golf course is really easy to get to and access because if you are signed up as a member then you can go there when you want it is the same for a non member so it’s good for

There is even a beach in wattle downs and depending on where you are it can be close or far away but is is still close to your house you don't need to take a long tiki tour around the city. If you need more room to play your game with your friends you can play it at the beach because there is lots of room there to play around. The beach can be a good place to go with you family when it's sunny because you can take some chairs food and spend some time with your family at the beach.Safety_Beach_Cape_Paterson.jpg

Now to sum it it up u need to live in wattle downs because you can go lots of places there's lots of places to go and all the places have lots of easy access. The is a bunch of options to do during the week or in the weekend with family, friends and by yourself so there is nothing bad about living in wattle down. When you get here you will see what i am talking about so you need to be at the beach playing with friend or even playing some golf.

The caring community of Wattle Downs

Wattle Downs is a safe and loving community, Wattle Downs is a little community located in Auckland and about 12 minutes drive to Manukau City. People of all ages live in Wattle Downs, infact early this year Wattle Downs opened up a new retirement home for the elderly.

Image result for wattle downsWattle Downs is a great place to live it also has many interesting places here including the golf club, three parks, a duck pond, a cycling path in front of the water and much more. Living in Wattle Downs is great, there many places for kids to play in the grassy area and playful parks. Infact when you want to walk your dog Wattle Downs has a huge walking and cycling track right on near the water.

A couple years ago people in Wattle Downs announced that they will build a retirement home. Early this year the retirement home opened. And it is very convenient  because it’s right next door to the golf club.The houses in Wattle Downs are built quickly but carefully and are great houses for families to live in.

Image result for wattle downs
However not only is there entertaining things to do in Wattle Downs but there educational things here to. In Wattle Downs there is a school called Reremoana School and right next door is a Wattle Downs kindy. I go to the lovely Reremoana School full of 400 Children from year 1 - 8  and we invite the kindy to Reremoana often.

Overall Wattle Downs is an amazing place to live! The community here are very loving and caring infact the commuinty always helps out at Reremoana School Carboot sales, Galas and other thing that the school holds. Don’t forget that there are many intertaining aspects here like I menstiond before the golf club, cycling parks you name it!

Image result for wattle downsImage result for wattle downs                                                                                                                         


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Hope you Enjoy :P

The utopia of Manurewa

The hidden Utopia of Manurewa

Wattle Downs is a really awesome community, a lot of kids and adults. Plus you can go down to 2 playgrounds, you can choose which one to go to. There is so many nice looking birds around wattle downs and if you're a photographer this community would be the best for you!

Firstly. I mean like who would not want to see all the native birds, and the eastreys. There is a heap of different birds, like a white faced heron, and even a Oyster catcher. All of these birds look really pretty, once you know Mrs Fothergill (At Reremoana school), she can take the best photos of these birds for our local Wattle Downs newspaper. This neighborhood is the best neighborhood in the world, yes these houses are expensive around here but you won’t regret living here. The people around here are extremely nice, even once it's Halloween and Christmas, Everybody goes crazy with their lollies for Halloween, and so much lights for Christmas, there is always 2 people that would go too crazy about our holidays! In Wattle Downs, we have a school and a daycare right next door. Reremoana school is a really good school for wattle downs and there is a heap of education. The daycare has two separate parts there is one for toddlers and one for 2 and under. I think that's smart so YOU SHOULD GO TO THESE SCHOOLS!

Secondly. Once you have come driving into wattle downs you would see a section of shops, like the bakery and the takeaway shops, plus a dairy! There is even more shops on Carnoustie drive there is another dairy and other takeaway shop both of them are really nice too.There is a special bit of area where you can build your own house, plus it's right across the road of Reremoana school. These houses can be your dream home! It will be in a lovely place where there is only little crimes around here, once you come and live in Wattle Downs you would not want to leave. On Wattle farm drive, there is a nine hole golf course, nice players, nice manager, plus your kids get to play for free. Ohh what if you don’t have any golf clubs to play golf with? Well there are spear golf clubs at the club. You can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner to. They give you free water in the club.

Last but not least. There are so many nice looking houses around here that it's super quiet, I mean who has seen Dylan Turner's house, it has a view to the beach, you can see the sun rising and beautiful sound of birds while you're waking up. Carnoustie drive has much different houses to the ones on Blackwood drive, Wattle Farm road. On Carnoustie there is a dairy with the owner Prem, and right next to the dairy is the takeaway shop. They sell hot chips and hot dogs, even burgers! Every Sunday afternoon, Mr Whippy comes around Wattle downs. He sells a heap of yummy ice creams. You can even pay with eftpos or money!

I think that Wattle Downs would be the best community for you, it's only 12 minutes away from Manukau, our neighbors are Karaka and Weymouth. If Wattle downs is the best community for me, then it would definitely be the best for you! I know that people try to live in our community. Wattle downs has a great school, nice community, and MR WHIPPY!

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Wonderful Wattle Downs.

Wonderful Wattle Downs.

You should live in Wattle Downs.What is Wattle Downs, there is a wonderful water front view and there is good entertainment. There is a new area where hundreds of house being built so there is enough space for us all.

What is Wattle Downs. Wattle downs is a lovely neighborhood with really nice people that are always willing to help you if you need there help. With a local takeaway and diary there is always a place to get things for any meal of the day or to get something with your friends.

Image result for wattle downs

Reason 2 there is a place for everyone if you walk, run or bike the Wattle Downs waterfront pathway walk has amazing view when the tide is in. You can walk all the way to the local estuary that is in Saint Ans. It’s a lovely place to have a family walk and there is a couple of local parks on the way for kids to play at.

Image result for wattle downsFinally in Wattle Down there is good entertainment because there is a local golf course. There are regular tournaments at that golf course and all ages can play. At the golf course every day except Monday there is a coffee man that comes out side the golf course. The golf course has a pizza place called the slice that sells all types of pizza and other stuff in there. There is a bar as well. In Wattle Down there is a decile 9 school called Reremoana School with lovely teacher and great sports chances and there are 2 local parks to play at.

In conclusion I believe that everyone should live in Wattle Downs because it is a great neighborhood, there is a great walkway and there is good entertainment. So know that you’ve heard about Wattle Downs I look forward to seeing you in a new house or doing one of the cool thing I just mentioned.   



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Why it's good to live in Wattle Downs

Why it's good to live in Wattle Downs

You are wondering why I’m talking about living in Wattle Downs. Well Wattle Downs is a place I call home which is situated in South Auckland on the Manukau harbor. It’s a lovely place to live. We are walking distance to fun filled parks that cater for both kids, adults and not to forget our beloved pets.

Image result for park in wattle DownImage result for The Slice in Wattle DownsImage result for The Golf course  in Wattle DownsThere is a beautiful 10K walkway around the harbor which a lot of locals use for bike riding, walking and many water activities like fishing, kayaking and swimming and the list goes on. Wattle Downs has their very own Golf course which many people from out of zone travel too. Just recently they have opened up a pizza restaurant called DA Slice. From a pizza lover I would have to rate this restaurant a big big big big big 10 out of 10.

Wattle Downs has stunning views of the harbor which some locals are fortunate to have these views from their homes. Wattle Downs is a quiet spot with many native trees such as pohutukawas lining the streets which we share with many different wildlife, birds.

Wattle Downs still has that old community feel about it, with street parties, Christmas on the reserve and just recently Christmas carols at the golf course. I’ve made so many friends in Wattle Downs that I know these friends will be life long friends. We have one daycare and two primary schools in Wattle Downs. One of the schools I’m proud to say I attend and that is Reremoana school. Reremoana plays a very big part in our community. Image result for Photo of Reremoana School

Now that I’ve told you  a little bit of about our community jump on your bikes and ride the 10k course then come and learn a bit more about Wattle Downs  

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Wattle downs is the best place in Manurewa.

I feel great when I wake up to find out I haven't been robbed during the night and that I can go to some nice parks and have a swing and also i can relax outside and know that it isn't that shady.Screenshot 2016-06-22 at 12.30.24 PM.png

For the first reason I like waking up knowing I haven't been robbed and that i can relax in the warm sun and there is a nice local estuary for everyone to go to and there are some nice boardwalks.Sun, Day, Rays, Sun'S Rays

And secondly we can go down to a very nice school called Reremoana with some nice teachers and a nice set of playground equipment to play on and a gurka for the senior kids to play on.Screenshot 2016-06-20 at 12.55.55 PM.png
Also we have something fun every year it is called a gala and we also have a school song that we sing on celebrations Here is the link

And for he final reason we can go to the Wattle downs golf course and have a nice game of golf and we can also have a slice of pizza at the pizza shop/bar called the slice we can also practise at the practise course next to the slice for free but we can't eat there for free.

In the end we can relax and have a nice game of golf or we can practise and we can go to some nice estuaries so live in Wattle Downs its the best place ever.
The Gem Of Manurewa!!!

I feel great every time I wake up in my house. I feel like this place is a beautiful nice place as soon as you go into this area, there are heaps of swans too greet you and a nice park right next to it.

The weather here is mostly sunny, warm in the summer mostly in the winter time is wellScreenshot 2016-06-20 at 1.59.06 PM.png
Anyways this place is a very very very safe area. I'll tell you a story of my funky family, one day I was watching a movie and my dad fell asleep I woke him up and told him he should to go to bedImage result for lazy dad
And he said “Ok I'm very tired” so it was just me and my mum watching this movie.Image result for mom and son sitting on a couchImage result for garage door open
Dad didn't shut the garage door that he normally does… So then half way through the movie mum said “ahhh i'm tired I’m going to sleep”. So I of course said “mum please stay up four 5 more mins I want to watch the movie” but then mum said “NO i'm going
to sleep”
So I said “fine” but the door is still open.
Every one went to bed and slept, nothing happened to anything they didn't touched anything not even my hoverboard, that was right near my fridge this made me feel great that nothing got touched.

The area is quite big but it's still quite tiny people are hardly loud here.
There are great views and great people

Image result for reremoanaThe schools here are the best of the best decile 10 school, the people are very
lovey and nice we love to learn and love to play and have great fun along the way
This is our song for Reremoana Link Click Here

Image result for wattle downs beach parkAlso right across the school is a flash park a beach to this here is a photo of the beach pretty nice right? Well if you Live here you will get this spectacular view every day just looking out your window.
So what now you may ask? BUY A PLACE IN WATTLE DOWNS TODAY!!!

You Need To Join A Chess Club NOW!!!

Ahh it’s chess such a boring game why not play a video game video games are so techy and fun WELL HATERS GOTTA HATE!

I’m here to tell you why you NEED to play chess

First of all chess is such a fun game where you can play any where any time you can go to shops and buy it or you can play it on your Phone.
It’s so fun to play on the original board It looks like this
Image result for chess board with no pieces

Chess is a challenging fun game you can play with your friends or with someone you don't know.

Theres different kind of chess this here is the original chess but there is also a speed chess

Click this link to see what is speed chess >>>>>>>Link here<<<<<<<
Click this link to see what is chess >>>>>>>Link here<<<<<<<
Image result for how a chess board is set up

It’s fun and it’s great for teaching because you try
And find out where he/she is going to move
So you have to think ahead of what your player
Is thinking.
Why do you want to play it you ask? Because it’s fun and it’s great for your learning

Image result for chess
This is a very fun game that you and a boy/girl WILL play it’s good for your
Image result for mathsYou want  to play this game and now I know you do so buy one now and start playing with a boy or a girl skill and it’s a competitive game. This game shows people how to be resilient how to think ahead and how to move the different pieces . This will help us with or maths.

I hope that this changes your mind if you don’t like chess or you want to play chess more if you do like it.