Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Top Secret!!

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Hello, my name is Bulferg and I am an alien from a planet called Tigfu...  I shouldn’t be telling you this because it is classified and top secret but I am on a mission to explore the human world. Since I can’t show you a picture of myself, I’ll describe myself for you! I have 5 eyes, each being a different color, I have a blue eye, a purple eye, a yellow eye, a green eye and an orange eye. I am black with white polka dots scattered all around my body. I have about 3574 sisters and about 1982 brothers who look very unique. I
have 4 arms and 2 legs that come in handy in desperate times. My planet changes color every 3 seconds, my favorite animal is called a Dagu and I love eating grapples! I have developed a skill over the past 8 days I have been here on Earth. It's called Merco, it lets me morph into a human looking creature. As I wander around the streets of New Zealand, I see the bright colors and the friendly culture! It is always so festive and eye catching! I love exploring the unique sights of this beautiful country... Now before my communication device loses its signal, I have to tell you that I have landed in a place of New Zealand called Kaitaia. I have also recently been discovered by an agency called The BRATS. They have starting their search for me and I don’t know what to do. I only have a few seconds left to speak. So will you find me before they do?

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