Thursday, 23 June 2016

The caring community of Wattle Downs

Wattle Downs is a safe and loving community, Wattle Downs is a little community located in Auckland and about 12 minutes drive to Manukau City. People of all ages live in Wattle Downs, infact early this year Wattle Downs opened up a new retirement home for the elderly.

Image result for wattle downsWattle Downs is a great place to live it also has many interesting places here including the golf club, three parks, a duck pond, a cycling path in front of the water and much more. Living in Wattle Downs is great, there many places for kids to play in the grassy area and playful parks. Infact when you want to walk your dog Wattle Downs has a huge walking and cycling track right on near the water.

A couple years ago people in Wattle Downs announced that they will build a retirement home. Early this year the retirement home opened. And it is very convenient  because it’s right next door to the golf club.The houses in Wattle Downs are built quickly but carefully and are great houses for families to live in.

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However not only is there entertaining things to do in Wattle Downs but there educational things here to. In Wattle Downs there is a school called Reremoana School and right next door is a Wattle Downs kindy. I go to the lovely Reremoana School full of 400 Children from year 1 - 8  and we invite the kindy to Reremoana often.

Overall Wattle Downs is an amazing place to live! The community here are very loving and caring infact the commuinty always helps out at Reremoana School Carboot sales, Galas and other thing that the school holds. Don’t forget that there are many intertaining aspects here like I menstiond before the golf club, cycling parks you name it!

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