Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Gem Of Manurewa!!!

I feel great every time I wake up in my house. I feel like this place is a beautiful nice place as soon as you go into this area, there are heaps of swans too greet you and a nice park right next to it.

The weather here is mostly sunny, warm in the summer mostly in the winter time is wellScreenshot 2016-06-20 at 1.59.06 PM.png
Anyways this place is a very very very safe area. I'll tell you a story of my funky family, one day I was watching a movie and my dad fell asleep I woke him up and told him he should to go to bedImage result for lazy dad
And he said “Ok I'm very tired” so it was just me and my mum watching this movie.Image result for mom and son sitting on a couchImage result for garage door open
Dad didn't shut the garage door that he normally does… So then half way through the movie mum said “ahhh i'm tired I’m going to sleep”. So I of course said “mum please stay up four 5 more mins I want to watch the movie” but then mum said “NO i'm going
to sleep”
So I said “fine” but the door is still open.
Every one went to bed and slept, nothing happened to anything they didn't touched anything not even my hoverboard, that was right near my fridge this made me feel great that nothing got touched.

The area is quite big but it's still quite tiny people are hardly loud here.
There are great views and great people

Image result for reremoanaThe schools here are the best of the best decile 10 school, the people are very
lovey and nice we love to learn and love to play and have great fun along the way
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Image result for wattle downs beach parkAlso right across the school is a flash park a beach to this here is a photo of the beach pretty nice right? Well if you Live here you will get this spectacular view every day just looking out your window.
So what now you may ask? BUY A PLACE IN WATTLE DOWNS TODAY!!!

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