Thursday, 23 June 2016

The utopia of Manurewa

The hidden Utopia of Manurewa

Wattle Downs is a really awesome community, a lot of kids and adults. Plus you can go down to 2 playgrounds, you can choose which one to go to. There is so many nice looking birds around wattle downs and if you're a photographer this community would be the best for you!

Firstly. I mean like who would not want to see all the native birds, and the eastreys. There is a heap of different birds, like a white faced heron, and even a Oyster catcher. All of these birds look really pretty, once you know Mrs Fothergill (At Reremoana school), she can take the best photos of these birds for our local Wattle Downs newspaper. This neighborhood is the best neighborhood in the world, yes these houses are expensive around here but you won’t regret living here. The people around here are extremely nice, even once it's Halloween and Christmas, Everybody goes crazy with their lollies for Halloween, and so much lights for Christmas, there is always 2 people that would go too crazy about our holidays! In Wattle Downs, we have a school and a daycare right next door. Reremoana school is a really good school for wattle downs and there is a heap of education. The daycare has two separate parts there is one for toddlers and one for 2 and under. I think that's smart so YOU SHOULD GO TO THESE SCHOOLS!

Secondly. Once you have come driving into wattle downs you would see a section of shops, like the bakery and the takeaway shops, plus a dairy! There is even more shops on Carnoustie drive there is another dairy and other takeaway shop both of them are really nice too.There is a special bit of area where you can build your own house, plus it's right across the road of Reremoana school. These houses can be your dream home! It will be in a lovely place where there is only little crimes around here, once you come and live in Wattle Downs you would not want to leave. On Wattle farm drive, there is a nine hole golf course, nice players, nice manager, plus your kids get to play for free. Ohh what if you don’t have any golf clubs to play golf with? Well there are spear golf clubs at the club. You can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner to. They give you free water in the club.

Last but not least. There are so many nice looking houses around here that it's super quiet, I mean who has seen Dylan Turner's house, it has a view to the beach, you can see the sun rising and beautiful sound of birds while you're waking up. Carnoustie drive has much different houses to the ones on Blackwood drive, Wattle Farm road. On Carnoustie there is a dairy with the owner Prem, and right next to the dairy is the takeaway shop. They sell hot chips and hot dogs, even burgers! Every Sunday afternoon, Mr Whippy comes around Wattle downs. He sells a heap of yummy ice creams. You can even pay with eftpos or money!

I think that Wattle Downs would be the best community for you, it's only 12 minutes away from Manukau, our neighbors are Karaka and Weymouth. If Wattle downs is the best community for me, then it would definitely be the best for you! I know that people try to live in our community. Wattle downs has a great school, nice community, and MR WHIPPY!

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