Thursday, 23 June 2016

wattle down

Why Wattle Downs is the best place to live in.

Wattle down i wonder if there are some people that are wondering what wattle down look like .Wattle down has great places to live in.Wattle down is a really cool place to live in because there are a lot of place to have fun like at the park,and golf course also beach and other thing.when you live in Wattle down you can go to a lot of place because wattle down is a place that every like to play. Also it is really cool most of the kid like to play at park after school.Wattle down is a really cool place to stay in because us student like to have fun with there  friend . When they are bored there are a lot of thing you could do like go to the park go to the beach and also to the golf course and have a little play if you are aloud.

Wattle down also have a lovely view of water if you walk down the beach  it look really cool like when the sun come out  it shine at the water it look so nice that you would like to swim in it every single day.Wattle down is a place full of kind people. Wattle down is a place where people never ever do bad thing it not like other places like people always do bad stuff.But if you live in wattle down heaps of people are friend because that is how people in wattle down roll they help each other out. Would like to live in a lovely environment well wattle down has the best environment in the world because i think that because every single day i walk  past somewhere everything look perfect.Reremoana is s school in wattle down if you come to reremoana that will be the best school also that is a very good school .   

Neighbor.Neighbor in wattle down are very kind they will always help you out with thing like when my mum and dad aren't at home we stay over at our next door neighbors house and they we stay there until they are here also they look after us.Next door neighbors in wattle down are very kind wouldn't you want a kind next door neighbors that is so kind to you i would like to have neighbour like just think about the other places like manger,otara,and all some other doge places but over in wattle down no one ever does bad thing.         

 Golf course is a really cool place to go and have a little play with you friend also they are some yummmy pizza i think you would really like to have those yummy pizza also they have cool golf course to do.wouldnt you like to have nice golf course well that golf course in wattle down some people help you when you are at the golf course.

Now that you no that why you should live in wattle down because wattle down is the best place to live in also because there good environment good next door neighbor also fun places like golf course and park the beach so now that you no why can't you go and buy you are new house in wattle down and stay there for your whole life because wattle down don't have doge people also wattle down has people that helps you out.Now you should go and get a house NOW     

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