Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Why it's good to live in Wattle Downs

Why it's good to live in Wattle Downs

You are wondering why I’m talking about living in Wattle Downs. Well Wattle Downs is a place I call home which is situated in South Auckland on the Manukau harbor. It’s a lovely place to live. We are walking distance to fun filled parks that cater for both kids, adults and not to forget our beloved pets.

Image result for park in wattle DownImage result for The Slice in Wattle DownsImage result for The Golf course  in Wattle DownsThere is a beautiful 10K walkway around the harbor which a lot of locals use for bike riding, walking and many water activities like fishing, kayaking and swimming and the list goes on. Wattle Downs has their very own Golf course which many people from out of zone travel too. Just recently they have opened up a pizza restaurant called DA Slice. From a pizza lover I would have to rate this restaurant a big big big big big 10 out of 10.

Wattle Downs has stunning views of the harbor which some locals are fortunate to have these views from their homes. Wattle Downs is a quiet spot with many native trees such as pohutukawas lining the streets which we share with many different wildlife, birds.

Wattle Downs still has that old community feel about it, with street parties, Christmas on the reserve and just recently Christmas carols at the golf course. I’ve made so many friends in Wattle Downs that I know these friends will be life long friends. We have one daycare and two primary schools in Wattle Downs. One of the schools I’m proud to say I attend and that is Reremoana school. Reremoana plays a very big part in our community. Image result for Photo of Reremoana School

Now that I’ve told you  a little bit of about our community jump on your bikes and ride the 10k course then come and learn a bit more about Wattle Downs  

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