Thursday, 23 June 2016

Why you need to live in wattle downs
You should and need to live in wattle down because there is plenty of things that you can do. Wattle down is a very safe and good environment to live in because of all the nice neighbours.there is a big beach that you can go to for a bit of fun. If you have a parent that likes golf then you can go to the local golf course that they have around for people to play during the week or in the weekend.

Wattle down is a safe place because of how many people live there and since there is lots of people it is a high chance that if something bad happens someone will see. It not just a safe place it's a good place because of all the nice people that live there and help out when needed to be as nice as they can. There is lots of houses so that there will be lots more people living there and lots of there kids go to school so the will be able to play with new friend around there house.p-23577-nzh.jpg

The golf course, the golf course is a really cool place because you can go there when you want to play golf you can sign up and become a member of the club if you want to play regually.It is great fun to play golf aswell so if u learn then you an play by yourself and keep practicing at the club so that you get better then vs other people in differnt areas. The golf course is really easy to get to and access because if you are signed up as a member then you can go there when you want it is the same for a non member so it’s good for

There is even a beach in wattle downs and depending on where you are it can be close or far away but is is still close to your house you don't need to take a long tiki tour around the city. If you need more room to play your game with your friends you can play it at the beach because there is lots of room there to play around. The beach can be a good place to go with you family when it's sunny because you can take some chairs food and spend some time with your family at the beach.Safety_Beach_Cape_Paterson.jpg

Now to sum it it up u need to live in wattle downs because you can go lots of places there's lots of places to go and all the places have lots of easy access. The is a bunch of options to do during the week or in the weekend with family, friends and by yourself so there is nothing bad about living in wattle down. When you get here you will see what i am talking about so you need to be at the beach playing with friend or even playing some golf.

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