Thursday, 2 June 2016

Why you  should  join Roller mills rugby club .
B976788-NORTHLAND PLAYING JERSEY-751-FRONTI believe  that you should play Roller Mills because there are one of the best rugby clubs in auckland also if you play auckland rugby you can play a higher grade also if you play roller mills you play the best of the best clubs in auckland also there are more than 100 boys that are playing in roller mills

             Firstly I think that it is a good way to get into a high grade.also the coaches that coach our team is one of the best coaches in auckland also would you like to be teach by the best coach in auckland i would want to also they teach you a way easier  way.also when they teach you they teach you anything you want to learn also when you play for roller mills you get better at what you are playing including when you go training they teach you new skills every time you go also that is good so when you go home you can tell some at home that you have learn new skills.

Secondly when you go to your rugby game you get to see new people every time you to a rugby game because you play the best of the best would you like to play for the best of the best i would like to also when you are going to trial you get to see new people also it is good to meet new people because you can get a lot of friend not just friend. also if you play rugby you can get better and better because the coaches that coach you they coach you really good because i have been there i know because i have been there and they are really good coaches.

Thirdly if you  play in a team it  is good because you will always have back up when you need back up for rugby also the people that you play with are very good boys they are boys that have  been  playing  for roller mills for quite a long time also being part of a team. Also it mean that you stick to that one team and always work hard when you are playing with other teammate  also when you play you play together also.

Lastly now that you no that why you should play roller mills why cunt you go and sign up for the best club in auckland it will be really good if you go and sign up now tell your parent if you could sign up for a rugby team and go to the best rugby team ever and it would be a good opportunity for people that stay home and just watch tv why can't you ask you mum and da if you could sign up for roller mills the best team in auckland also would you like to be the  winning team like new zealand.


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