Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Why you should join MAFC

Why everyone Should join MAFC

I know everyone SHOULD JOIN MAFC.  MAFC stands for Manurewa association football club. Being in MAFC is good for socialising with people, getting fit and being in a sports team. There are over 200 players already that has signed up.     

Firstly. I think that it is a good way to socialise with people. Because you are going to be with that same team for the whole year. So if you want to make some new friends get to know your team and coach. If you get to know them really good then you can keep playing in in that team. You can ask them if they have social media and keep in touch with them. You will also look out for them if they become their friends. If you’re at home how are you going to make new friends.   

Secondly, I believe that being in MAFC is a good way to get fit. In the team you might have one or two practices a weekly and a game on Saturday. When you are at practice you need to push yourself hard so you get the maximum benefits that that practice give you. It is great ball control playing soccer. On game day you need to play 100% or you might be sitting on the bench.

Thirdly, Being a part of the team. Being in a team you need to collaborate with others and get on well with other people. In the team you will play for a long time if you have a good team and keep winning games. Being in a team means that if you win then you will win games together and have fun together.  Being in the team means that you need to do your bit in the team. So if you are playing a game you need to score goals or defined but whatever you do you need to do well. You need to be at the game on time and try your hardest to play well every time.

I believe that everyone should join MAFC because it is the best soccer club around this area and it is good for socialising with other people, getting fit and being in a team and collaborating with others.                                   

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