Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Why you should join MAFC

Why you Should join MAFC

Image result for MAFC soccer ClubI believe that you SHOULD JOIN MAFC. There are heap of soccer clubs out there but this is the one you need to join. If you are wondering what MAFC stands for its Manurewa Association Football Club. If you are good at soccer they will put you in the right team for you like division one or division 2 if you are good.

Image result for Run like crazy gifIf you go and join a soccer club that's not owns its a bad decision. If you play soccer in CM field you will get really really fit because you run like crazy If you play in MAFC most of your friend play there so you will have heap of fun playing the games to. Just enjoy what you play.

Image result for CollaborationWhen you play for MAFC they teach you to collaborate by passing. If you pass in a team you will get a lot more goals and it would be a team efit. If you play soccer you will have to wear boots or Sneaker because they will help you run if it weat. If you play for a soccer club you need to have club socks not your own socks.

Screenshot 2016-06-01 at 12.09.15 PM.pngIf you don’t like to get up early on a saturday then this is not the right sport for you. But it love getting up early for sport games it is. If you have never played soccer before it would the best opportunity for you on trying new things.

Now that you know that you should join MAFC do it now. People that play for MAFC love because they play with friend. Just remember you get you need boot or sneakers and it’s the best soccer club around.   

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