Thursday, 2 June 2016

Why you should join Manurewa afc

Why you should join our soccer club.

I believe that you should join Manurewa AFC soccer club because, it would be a great opportunity for you to play for this club, for almost 5-25 years, ever since I started soccer I did not want to stop. It would be good for you because once you’ve started you would not want to stop, every Saturday or Sunday you would be playing a soccer game for Manurewa AFC, Once you're in 11th grade like me you would get some shorts from the club that has the logo on the shorts. I mean how cool is that. And now here are my three reasons why you should join our soccer club.

This club would be great for you because you would get a lot of new friends so many medals or trophies, or even during prize giving you can win some prizes. Also if you get player of the day you can go down to the club and win a prize, like a 50 dollar whitcoulls voucher, I know my parents would like that. I mean you could win a heap of stuff from Manurewa, once I’ve won a new soccer ball just from the club!. Once you join our club, you'll meet a lot of friends (new friends as well), even your parents will make some friends with other parents. In this soccer club you can win prizes, make new friends and even stay forever.

Manurewa AFC is not a really horrible club I mean they give out prizes, give you lunch and breakfast. And I know when I have finished my soccer game I need some hot chocolate, but you cant be bothered to go out to McDonald's, well our club will shout you, with all the breakfast and lunch you need. Soccer will be awesome with your fitness, especially when you are up front in midfield or striker. You can score all the goals and you can take the corners even. When you play for us we play by the rules for my team we get professional referees, and we actually play by the rules, as the club says you can buy your own jumper, pants and even shirt, there are even some posters and flags. This club is very cool.

If you play for our club, you can collect the balls for the under 25’s, once it’s half time for the under 25’s, you can have some fizzy drinks and chips. Breakfast and lunch is served at our club, we also have a sports bar, with drinks and fizzy. There is a lot of food, like there is hot chips and bacon and eggs. This is really enjoying for me. And I believe this is the club that would be great for you, and family and friends. You should join our club because there is a lot of fields, and there is even stands that you can sit in, and otherwise you can watch soccer games from up there.

So you should give up your soccer club and come to our soccer club.  You can get breakfast early in the morning at our club, you can watch soccer games from the grandstand and even be a ball collector for the under 25’s.I hope I have persuaded you about why you should play for Manurewa AFC. I mean who wouldn't, so drop your club and come to ours.

  The link to Manurewa AFC

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