Thursday, 2 June 2016

Why you should join pasifika

You should join pasifika because throughout pasifika you can learn lots about different island and languages which is good to be able to speak more languages than one. It is not just good to learn you also get different opportunities throughout the club with different rolls and lots of different ideas in dances. Pasifia is a good chance to do something because it might not happen again and you might just have the one chance to have a go at something that will be challenging.

In Pasifika you can have chances to learn many different languages throughout it because of all the practices and work on the slides in your own time. It will be good to also even learn phrases to say to people in the morning and afternoon before and after school and keep practicing so you can get it right every time. Song and Dances are good to learn in different cultures because different cultures have different types of dance move in their dance and many people will not know how to do it straight away because it take lots of practice even though it looks easy .

If you learn about the languages you will be able to talk to other people if they are from a island that you know how to speak or even a teacher that comes in to relieve for your teacher. It is good to be in Pasifika because everything that you learn you can have the chance to teach other people at your house and know a lot more about it than other people that do not take the chance. After completing pasifika for the whole year if you don’t do it again at least you have something to look back to when all you friend that you were telling to do it don’t have a good story to look back (1).jpg

There's different techniques of dances in pasifika with cultures and islands because you need to be in character with a lot of the dances. Being in this club can help you to create lots more challenges for your learning and even some goals so that you can learn more than other by trying to accomplish more advanced thing. Trying this will be great because it not something that everyone like to do but once they see you doing the final production they will regret not trying something new and being in this is great because it is not something that everyone like but it is a good opportunity.Goal-Setting.jpg

After finishing pasifika you will have all the information that you learn’t throughout the whole year that you can go teach other people and maybe print out the work to keep so that you do not lose all the information and skills that you learn’t. All the goals that you set for yourself at the start of the club you can easily complete if you make sure that you can actually try to complete them and the goals you set should not be your friend they should be the  goals that you set yourself

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  1. Mate, I hadn't even thought of some of these reasons! It's so true: facing new challenges and trying something different sets you up to face any challenge and try many new things with more confidence. I'm really impressed with this and glad to see you feel this way, I can't wait to see how hard you work on the language and showing your strength through the calls and movements.