Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wonderful Wattle Downs.

Wonderful Wattle Downs.

You should live in Wattle Downs.What is Wattle Downs, there is a wonderful water front view and there is good entertainment. There is a new area where hundreds of house being built so there is enough space for us all.

What is Wattle Downs. Wattle downs is a lovely neighborhood with really nice people that are always willing to help you if you need there help. With a local takeaway and diary there is always a place to get things for any meal of the day or to get something with your friends.

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Reason 2 there is a place for everyone if you walk, run or bike the Wattle Downs waterfront pathway walk has amazing view when the tide is in. You can walk all the way to the local estuary that is in Saint Ans. It’s a lovely place to have a family walk and there is a couple of local parks on the way for kids to play at.

Image result for wattle downsFinally in Wattle Down there is good entertainment because there is a local golf course. There are regular tournaments at that golf course and all ages can play. At the golf course every day except Monday there is a coffee man that comes out side the golf course. The golf course has a pizza place called the slice that sells all types of pizza and other stuff in there. There is a bar as well. In Wattle Down there is a decile 9 school called Reremoana School with lovely teacher and great sports chances and there are 2 local parks to play at.

In conclusion I believe that everyone should live in Wattle Downs because it is a great neighborhood, there is a great walkway and there is good entertainment. So know that you’ve heard about Wattle Downs I look forward to seeing you in a new house or doing one of the cool thing I just mentioned.   

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