Tuesday, 21 June 2016

You Need To Join A Chess Club NOW!!!

Ahh it’s chess such a boring game why not play a video game video games are so techy and fun WELL HATERS GOTTA HATE!

I’m here to tell you why you NEED to play chess

First of all chess is such a fun game where you can play any where any time you can go to shops and buy it or you can play it on your Phone.
It’s so fun to play on the original board It looks like this
Image result for chess board with no pieces

Chess is a challenging fun game you can play with your friends or with someone you don't know.

Theres different kind of chess this here is the original chess but there is also a speed chess

Click this link to see what is speed chess >>>>>>>Link here<<<<<<<
Click this link to see what is chess >>>>>>>Link here<<<<<<<
Image result for how a chess board is set up

It’s fun and it’s great for teaching because you try
And find out where he/she is going to move
So you have to think ahead of what your player
Is thinking.
Why do you want to play it you ask? Because it’s fun and it’s great for your learning

Image result for chess
This is a very fun game that you and a boy/girl WILL play it’s good for your
Image result for mathsYou want  to play this game and now I know you do so buy one now and start playing with a boy or a girl skill and it’s a competitive game. This game shows people how to be resilient how to think ahead and how to move the different pieces . This will help us with or maths.

I hope that this changes your mind if you don’t like chess or you want to play chess more if you do like it.

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