Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My Holiday!!!

My holiday

In the holiday's my sisters had to go to a holiday program but I had to go with my family the first two days I
 was with my mum.
 And the third and fourth day I was with my granddad and we went to the movies and saw ice age 5 collision course it was a good movie.
In the second week we stayed with my mum at home and one of my friends came over all the way from wellington we went to my grandma's house and saw my dog coco we left and went home.
 On the night that he left we all went and go pizza at the slice pizza place at wattle downs and we played Pokemon go on the way to drop him off and back.
on the final two days my mum got a text message from my dad and he said he met Sam and Emmett from the block he said they were funny but we did not get pizza because it took to long after that we went to bed after watching the block and then it was term 3 of school.

My holidays at my Nanas!

I had to help my Nana build her garden out the front while my cousins watch a movie in the media room. “Ugh why isn't anyone helping us do this garden” I told my Nana, my back was ageing from cayrring big plants and heavy rocks, and from mowing long lawns it was pain but I'm the oldest out of five so I had no choice to help, and now that nobody helped my Nana's back acing, my back was acing but me and my cousin Emma still had to cook dinner while my Nana slept upstairs

“OK DINNERS READY”, for dinner we had chicken ham and cheese buns it was really yummy.  I scream across the house again and then all of the other kids came down, I quietly woke my Nana up at 7.00 pm while, my brother and Emma's 2 sisters started eating, Emma and I had to wait because we didn't have to go to bed till 11.00pm and the others have to go at 8.00 pm.
So Dylan, Aimee, and Olivia went for there showers and hoped in the spa bath, and put their Pj's on and the went to bed, Olivia kept on waking up and watching me and Emma, until I actually put her to bed at 8.30 at night.

Once the others were in bed, Emma and I got to drink some lemonade just before bed so we were super hypo, we went in the media room and watched a movie. After that movie we went downstairs and got more lemonade and watched another movie with my Nana while my poppa was still in the media room watching discovery channel. And bam 2 hours later, Olivia wakes up again and I have to carry her back to bed and sing her a song, and that's how you put a seven year old to bed! While Emma and I have 2 hours left we decided to eat something downstairs so we ate another ice-cream but this time with chocolate on top. We wernt allowed to make much noise because my brother was in the downstairs bedroom, But Emma and i couldn't make any noise because we had so much ice cream.

And it was 10.50 pm, my Nana said that we could sleep in her room with her as long as I get the mattress from the kids room (were Aimee and Olivia are sleeping) So we cant make so much noise, I get the mattress and I lie on it and I watched another movie, after the movie I WAS KNOCKED OUT literally, because of how much energy I used during the day, and Emma and I didn't wake up until 9.00 in the morning, but the next night we stayed up later and didn't wake up till 8.00 this time and for the rest of the week we woke up at 8.00am.  It was GOOD sleeping in I had fun at my Nana's house and I think everybody else did as well. My Nana's dog jumped on me at the middle of the night, and licked me then he had to sleep in my bed for the rest of the night! (I thought it was gross but meh I put him on the top of the bed anyway).