Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My holiday

In the holiday's my sisters had to go to a holiday program but I had to go with my family the first two days I
 was with my mum.
 And the third and fourth day I was with my granddad and we went to the movies and saw ice age 5 collision course it was a good movie.
In the second week we stayed with my mum at home and one of my friends came over all the way from wellington we went to my grandma's house and saw my dog coco we left and went home.
 On the night that he left we all went and go pizza at the slice pizza place at wattle downs and we played Pokemon go on the way to drop him off and back.
on the final two days my mum got a text message from my dad and he said he met Sam and Emmett from the block he said they were funny but we did not get pizza because it took to long after that we went to bed after watching the block and then it was term 3 of school.

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