Wednesday, 31 August 2016

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Rugby Tickets

Rugby Tickets
I think that I  should get 2 of the 40 tickets because I’m a supporter of Auckland and I think that they are going to smash Waikato but if they don’t smash them they will definitely win. I support Auckland because I come from Auckland. I would like these tickets also because it would be the first Auckland Rugby game I would go to.   Image result for auckland rugby team \Screenshot 2016-08-29 at 12.27.11 PM.png

I love sports  
Screenshot 2016-09-01 at 12.44.16 PM.pngI love sports, it is my favourite thing to do if I’ve got spare time. My favourite sports are Hockey, X country, Cricket, Touch and soccer. When the list goes on there is rugby in 6th for my favourite sports.  My favourite sport is hockey because there is heaps of action and I love action. Most of my friends play hockey too so that’s also why I love playing hockey Image result for Reremoana x country year 7 boys

Rugby Ticket Comp Writing !!!!

Rugby Ticket Comp :)

 I would like to win these tickets because then I can cheer people on and give them some spirit to fight until the end and so they do their best and try their hardest. Sports like Soccer,Gymnastics and Touch, I have a passion for, and I like to have fun while kicking a ball around and doing flips ( Especially when you kick it the hardest and you actually land the flip ).I love Sports because then I end up watching other people fight to the end of the game and win, but even if they lose I will still cheer because at least they tried their hardest, ran their hearts out and played to the end. 

- I love to watch sports with people who don’t boo or throw stuff at the player, I love to watch it with people who cheer and give their strength to the players to help the in spirit, that is why we cheer and that is what I love to do. I’m not exactly a sporty and fit person but when it comes to Cheering and sportsmanship, that is what I put my heart and soul into doing. 

- So that is the reason why I love sports so much.

- Every Champion was a Contender who refused to give up hope !!!!


Rugby Tickets Comp!

Rugby tickets competition!!

Rugby Tickets



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Why I want the tickets to rugby

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Waikato v Auckland

PicMonkey Collage.jpgSoccer is one of the best sports I have ever played. I was at a fun fair one day and a soccer club, was there letting some kids play a bit of soccer, when the parents could get a sheet that would sign me up. So they did, for four years I have been playing soccer for manurewa! It has been the best club for me too. I would like these tickets so than we can have father daughter time, and we can support Waikato together. These tickets would be blast to have, so than me and my dad can have father daughter time, and support Waikato together!
P.S: I wont be here on Friday 2nd September.

Rugby Tickets

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Weekly news

The night that they won’t forget

The night that they won’t forget

Image result for cartoon robber with gun
The three o’clock bell rang and everyone stormed out the gate. When Three boys named Daniel, Regan and Ben hated each other had to do a job together it took them hours.  They had to go into their class as they were moving the stuff from the hall into the class. As they put a table down they heard a big cluck at the door. They also saw someone walking away and looked like they had something in they hands but he could just make out what they had in his hand it looked like a keychain they ran to the door and tried to push the door open but it was locked and the door was jammed closed they are locked in there for the night. They went into the class next door to see if those doors were open but they weren’t ethair. They went back into their class and heard a bang they looked outside and saw the back gate of the school was lying on the ground with tire tracks leading towards room five and six. They ran over to the other room and looked through the wet area and saw broken windows and a hole in the wall the three boys ran back and hid in the office. BOOM! “they in class number two” Ben whispers in terror they tried to get out of the class of the last time they all ran at the door and with a bang it opened. All three sprinted out when they were just about out and saw the truck drive past in the back was rocket launchers, guns, taser, C4 and the TVs and computers from the other class. They ran inside and the door jammed behind them “this time were stuck in here” said Ragen. All huddled under a table they see the roof of the truck pull in front of the building. A warm liquid is on the floor tricking out of Daniels pants. They unload the gear that they need to get in. They close their eyes and hope this is not the last time there hart pounds. BOOM
Image result for three boys cartoon the class next door is broken into they can hear the glass shatter and hit the ground. They hear the wires from the TV being ripped of the wall. Regan makes a move to see if they were coming in here. One of the guys spot him and ran around and caught him but didn’t see the other two. He said “This is C4 it’s on your back if you leave this middle area it will explode. Ben couldn’t watch as Regan is at life or dead if he moves him and Daniel run and tackle the guy they got his gun and shot him they tooled Regan to stay there  so he didn’t blow up.  They walked next door and shot one person and then Ben got taser then shot Daniel ran and dragged Ben behind him. He tried to bring him back to life but the bullet had hit his brain and he died. Daniel SHot three of the five people he picked up one of there phones and call the police. The two other guys came into the room Daniel shot one in the leg and just as the other on tried to tackle the police showed up and took him to jail. The bomb squad came and got the bomb of Regan and they went  home with their parents and came to school the next day to help pack up.



On one very sunny afternoon, a group of year 7 and 8’s were setting up the hall on a Friday night. They start to put streamers of the olympic colours, all over the gates.  At once it looked nice, and the other fence looked ok. Some other people are in the hall, just talking, blowing up balloons, or hanging streamers. “It’s going to be an awesome night tonight” says one of the year 8 boys. He and his freinds go to the classroom to get some scissors. Jeff put his phone on the table and grabbed some scissors, but once he left, Jeff forgot his phone on the table, and nobody notices.

Jeff and his mates are all out having so much fun, hanging with all the girls, rocking the DJ equipment, and still doesn’t realise that his phone is gone. The disco hasn’t started yet and the place is already a mess, we’ve got so many balloons, and hulahoops on the walls (to show the Olympic rings), and there is streamers all over the fence, the sausages are sizzling, the drinks are ready, and all the adults are guarding the place (so no little kids, come and escape around the school). A lot of people are starting to arrive. Even medals are being handed out to everybody that comes in.

Jeff and his friends are exhausted from that night, until “Ahhh, my phone’s in the class”. So Jeff runs and grabs his phone, with no lights on, and his teacher locks him in the classroom. Jeff tries banging on the door, but his ears are going crazy from all of the loud music tonight. Jeff calls his mum and asks if she could come down and try  and unlock the class, or at least get him out of the class so he’s not stranded. Jeffs mum tried to call his teacher, but his phone is flat. So she calls his friends to see if they could get him out. But guess what, they couldn’t. So then Jeff’s mum, Angela tries to call the firefighters, but they said that there might be traffic, but they will put their lights on. Jeff is worried now, he’s scared. The wind is making ghost noises, it’s super, super scary. Jeff turns the lights on, but they turn back off, he tried to go through the other class, but the doors in the middle room are locked.

The firefighters are here. They try to open the door with the jaws of life (the jaws of life help people get out of their cars, when there in a serious accident). They eventually got Jeff out of the classroom. He was relieved that he was back with his mum and his friends. Next time Mr Juff needs to look in the class before he actually locks it. Mr Juff just turned up, he’s mad at Jeff for not turning the lights on. But he’s relieved that Jeff isn’t unhealthy. If Jeff never had his phone then he would be dead by now, so it’s important to have one!

One day after school Ben, Regan, Ethan and Jordan all stayed back because Mr Solley was hosting a after school care but only open to a few kids. Mr Solley is a great teacher
He lets us do what we want pretty much. This was his first ever after school care and every one was hype.
"Mr solley what are we doing today?"said Ethan.
"We are doing video games."
" Yes yes yes I love video games. What can we play?"said Ben. We can play anything you guys want I want to play. "MINECRAFT please Mr Solley! PLEASE I really want to."
"Sure anything I don't care just give me a cookie DEAL."
While Solley nibbled on his cookie the kids were playing minecraft. Mr Solley said ok guys it's 6:00 clock, your parents will be coming quick and make it look like I'm teaching.

We waited and waited and waited for the Mums and for the Dads. It just turned 7:00, still no Mums still no Dads.
"I'll walk home "said Ben.
" Yeah Yeah that's a good Idea i'll come too. I live near you." said Ethan .
"No Stop You guys can't go out there, And why should we listen to you OLD MAN."
"Hey i'm only 25 years old don't call me old."
"Go Sit in the corner NOW!!!"
" No shutup i'm not a baby you go sit on your dog."
"I have had it With all you guys i'll just walk home MYSELF I'm going I'm going out now FINE THEN I'LL GO"

He walked outside, He saw a strange figure in the distance it was green? Ben walked outside too. He saw the same thing but he recognized it.

"Yes Zombie Run in the class now Guys Guys GUYS THERE'S A SPIDER IN THE CLASS"Said Regan.
"How did it get in? I don't know but I do know we are GOING TO DIE. "
"Wait WAIT WAIT What's happening i'm turning blocky" cried Ben.
"Ahhh I am too"
"Same WE NEED TO GET OUT OF SCHOOL Guys run into the Hall it's our only safe place left." said Regan (They run into the hall).

"Tyrone!" yelled Ben.
"Hey don't call me Tyrone I'm Mr Solley"
"Too bad Stop saying that."
" Ok fine"
"What has happened? How are we blocky and how are we well MINECRAFT" said Regan.
"Dude I wish this had pixelmon that would be awesome
GO Pikachu"
hahah they all laughed except the teacher Mr Solley
"don't worry I could teach Pikachu the move Dab he would never faint"
"Wow Just Wow".

"I don't care about your Dabachu or whatever you call it."
"Wow great name Tyrone", "What did I, you know what I don't care", "What's going ON" said Regan.
"Ok so in the night umm well the at night minecraft haunts the school as soon as it gets midnight the ender dragon spawns so we are dead".
"TOLD YOU WE SHOULD HAVE PLAYED PIXELMON yeah then we would take the ender dragon down with Snorlax Easy Kills".
"We are not playing minecraft we are living it".
"Don't worry all we need to do is climb the fence and go to sleep pretty easy right"?
"Yeah I can do that" said Regan.
"Same that's Easy".
(But teacher still didnt agree)
"It will be much harder than you guys think we need to climb the fence under the time of midnight and making sure no mobs find us".
"O right I forgot about that bit, Ok so here's how we will do".

Image result for blueprint plan escape a school
"Ok here are the plans, ok so we umm so we I don't get it". "No kidding you guys are just dumb little kids".
"Whatever dog sitter".
"So you're calling yourselves dogs"?
"What animal does not have to listen to you"?
"Very funny but we need to work together alright everyone hands in 3 2 1"
"No it's no Minecraft fine 1 2 3  no minecraft ":[

"I’ll go first ".
"Ok sure if you want to die dude".
"This is minecraft you respawn".
"Yeah but isnt this gamemode hardcore"?
"How do I check I mean I can't Really check but still it's minecraft so ill be the yolo man but maybe the yol900000000000000000000000000 times man because it's minecraft?".
"Ok then go hurry up"
"fine, ok i'm going out ahhh ahhh ZOMBIE Everyone came out now." (They All Came Out) ,

Guys climb the fence Here Ben i'll lift you over first thanks Dog sitter, You want me to drop you? No please don't drop me. Then shut up fine, Yes Yes Yes i'm overweight i'm a human again I can't see you guys and I can't see the monsters either what? Well can you hear us? Yes can you hear me? Yes, ok well i'm off thanks teacher bye i'm going home now

Ben you got to stay, Nah, Ok Regan he ditched us now your turn i'll lift you over QUICK A ZOMBIES COMING ok get on my shoulders. (Climbs on to shoulders) ok i'll jump now, I feel funny ahhhh wait i'm a human? Yay i'm me again ok Ethan just you and then its me Go Go Go. (Ethan gets over), Ok now i'm going come on Mr Solley You can do it ok i'm going, I can't see you but I wish you luck Said Ethan, Thanks for that emotervashion. He Climbs up a little and then a little more his ty got stuck, there was a skeleton behind him, the skeleton aims his bow, he looks at his target and fires, the only shot,

Tyrone fell on to the ground boom boom boom his body collapses with the arrow in him he, His students can't see him so dont know if he got over or not, but then he saw under the fence red gowww blood, they knew what that meant NOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOO, He fell, He was a great teacher, all give a moment of silences.

Stuck after dark

Blog1a_Status quo corridor.jpgBen,Ethan,Tyrone and Matthew go to sleep after school and wake up when no one is at school but that is what they think the Freddy fazbear and his gang climbed through the windows.

They hear strange noises in the halls like robots moving and pizza who wants pizza.

They walk out of there class room and find there friend Matthew in the hallway so they thought he was pranking them but then a animatronic robot came up behind him and grabbed him and dragged him away
They thought it was just a trick but they went to follow Matthew they went to the closet the animatronic dragged him to and found lying on the ground with no pulse Tyrone said is he dead and Ben said yes Tyrone so they walked off and ran back to there classroom to hide from whatever those things were.

They had to survive in the security office but they stopped moving so Ben told Tyrone to go look at a camera that was not working and check out the fox animatronic so they pushed him out and shut and locked the door.

They survive a whole night and the principal comes in and all the animatronics are gone so she says it was just a nightmare and she said hey were is Tyrone and Matthew they showed her the body's and now she believes them about the bodys but not he animatronics.
So they decided not to go to sleep after school the go to sleep during lunch so they don't find anything else weird happening to be continued

Weekly news


The sun was going down and the moon was rising the nice orange sky was appearing from the colors clinging together as one, Red riding hood’s grandma just left but forgot her medicine
Image result for snorlaxHoddy the hood had to return my medicine that grandma forgot so he gets in his car and drives  but forgot gas so had to fill up.

So Hoddy the Hood went to the gas station to full up but people were playing Pokemon go in front of the car so the car was running but staying where it was, it had half a liter of gas left.
Image result for robberImage result for car still but still onWhat to do he blew the horn as loud as he could they looked up and moved to the other lane right next to the bank the guy playing Pokemon go saw a Snorlax on his screen but just as he clicked on the Snorlax a person in a black mask came out of the bank it was a robber “WE JUST GOT ROBBED” YELLED THE BANK OWNER
But the Pokemon go player was still on the road the robber got in the car and raced away from the bank going faster and faster then he saw the man that was playing Pokemon go. Hoodie the hood said this is none of my business what happens and I don't want to see what happens so I left.

Image result for bankImage result for McDonald'sHoody the hood saw McDonald's and Said “I have not had any thing all day” but nor has grandma I should get something But Hoody the hood completely forgot about the gas he lined up all keen to get something there was someone that lined up behind me and in front of me I thought no turning back now then I saw the gas WAIT HAVE NO GAS LEFT AHHH + I need to make grandma proud so I crashed through the wall (Everything stops and only he talked) Well I thought this was good until I heard the sirens (It Plays) Crap dang it THE COPS ARE AFTER ME should I pull over or should I not? I CAN'T GRANDMA WILL BE WAITING FOR ME so I raced off with the cops smelling my butt.

I had to lose them Lucky there was a bank next to me well not a bank a post office I saw my friend that went past well the person that robbed the bank lucky he's more wanted than me so the cops will go after him 10 secs later they did I was home free almost at grandma's place and Low on gas. I had to keep going grandma must have some gas at her place Yes I got there wait dang it I ate all of the McDonald's there's no more but she didn't know that o well ill just give her her pills I knocked on her door no one was home I hear more sirens.