Thursday, 25 August 2016

After dark late at school because thing forgotten

One night at school it was 7:00 and there were 5 kids and one of them forgot there chromebook and they needed to go get it but they were not wanting to trespass but they needed to so they climbed the fence and saw that there class was open so they went to the class they had entered and at that moment they heeded to the kubed and went to grab there chromebook but the door was locked so they were annoyed then they saw their teacher come in so they hid and there they heard him leave and turn of the light so the were making a move to get out and when they were at the door they noticed it was locked so they were worried but we don’t know each other's names one of the boys said so they all said there name Owen, Regan, Daniel, Jordan, Zachary so they all decided that they will all together find another way out… Image result for stuck in class

Image result for cartoon people talking in a group

But because of that and not being separated one of the character got really angry, Jordan, he had gotten angry because he was very frustrated and all tied up about being with all the people so he was starting to get really crazy and he told the other boys to stay away from him so he was calming down while they look around and try to find another way to get out but they did not see anything so they were trying to se if there were even just some little cracked and then all you can hear is the angry one shouting out smash the door because he just wanted to get out but he meant the glass door so they did not because would have needed to pay for it when they do not have the money to so they were being respectful about it and started to go to the boy to see if they can help him but they could not he would not calm down…

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All of the other kids noticed that it was jordan that was angry because of what he sounded and looked like so they let him stay there by himself while he can be chilled out because every time someone goes up to him and then he will get angry so they try to leave him alone as much as they can because they do not want to have him angry at them While they are trying to find a way out because if they find a way out they will leave because they just need to be out and gone as they do not get in trouble because they do not want to get hurt or hurt anyone so they were trying to look for a escape that is close to the ground because the would be able to reach it if it was in the roof so he was looking while  calming down but no one saw anything so they put it away because they heard jordan getting really annoyed so…

The come around the crone and jordan smashes everything and then he smashes a door that opens up to another class that was getting robbed so they all ran and hid but the angry one kept walking then he was threatened by the robber and was told to stay on the ground until he left and ended up staying there and he fell asleep we think so the other boys went to check on him but what the angry kid did not notice was he was holding a knife and gun so when the boy went to check on him he was shot by the robber as they walked in and he shouted out DO NOT MESS WITH ME!!! That made the other boys really sad and scared because now the robber knows that they are stuck in there and they could also get killed so that moment on of the boys found a switch and when it turned one he had seen three heads out of the window staring at them… Image result for cartoon dead person

they try not to look at them because every time they look at them they end up getting goose bumps so they look around the room and then one of the boys se a window so they try to get up there but there is not enough people to help each other out so they need to stay in there until they find another way out and they are happy that the angry kid is not here because he will want to smash the door but as someone they say they want to do that but they will end up getting killed by the robb out side so they stay in there to get another ideaImage result for cartoon person thinking

Image result for pictures of cartoon characters in jailBut as they were trying not to look at them there was someone walking through the door and it was the teacher and they looked outside and the person that was outside was there teacher and they did not know what to do because it was the weekend so they asked the teacher if they can walk home now but the teacher said no you are forgetting something your chromebook so the went to get there chromebook and it was locked so the teacher comes to open it because they have to have a key that only the teacher has so he unlocked it and they started to become best mates apart from that other guy you know, the dead one.

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