Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Little red riding hood in 2016

The sun was shining bright through the blinds of little red riding hoods messy room, she hissed as the sun reflected off of her phone into her dark brown eyes. Then her mum texted her to go outside for some fresh city air, so she can deliver some fish and chips to her Nana that lives all the way on the other side of the city.

Little red riding hood known as little Red grabbed her jacket and walked to the fish and chip shop across the road from her apartment. As little Red walked out of the shop she forgot which way she is supposed to go, instead of going back to her apartment to ask her Mum she went with her gut and went left her gut was wrong Nana's house is on the right.

The traffic was so bad cars, trucks and vans were going left and right and all little Red could hear was beeeeeeep! The cars were making her really dizzy and making her lose her way especially how little Red was on her phone snap chatting every step of the way.

Little Red finally looked up to see she was clearly in the wrong spot! So little red thinks fast holding a packet of fish and chips tucked under her arm little Red asked people that were sitting in traffic wear Red Cres was (nana’s house) nobody knew. Car by car van by van noboby knew or even listend to little Red. When little Red peaked through someones car she saw a GPS then little Red realised that she could use her phone to navigate her way!

A little while later Little Red arrives at her nana’s house with some cold fish and chips and some saw lgs Nana said to Little red ''where wear you this whole time?'' little red replised with ''it’s a long story’’.

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