Thursday, 4 August 2016

My version of little red riding hood!

On a very sunny day, little red riding hood is in her bedroom.Texting all of her friends on her phone, she is talking to a lot of people, little red riding hood is even texting her GRANDPA. A couple of minutes later she hears another text while she is playing a game (on her phone), its her mother saying “can you come into the kitchen please I have something for you”, and off goes little red riding hood to the kitchen.

"Ah”, oh no nana has fallen down the stairs but she might of broken her foot, grandpa comes to the rescue and calls 111, the parametics come and help nana with her foot, “Yep she has broken her foot” says one of the parametics. But the parametics say that nana dosent need to go to the hospital, she just needs to lie down until she can walk again. Grandpa then calls little red riding hoods mother, off goes little red riding hood into the kitchen and mum asks her if she could go to the store, too grab some buns, and some chicken, with some cake.

Little red riding hood is off to countdown, she has her mums card, to buy all the groceries for nana and gran dad. Once little red riding hood had, bought all the stuff that she needed, little red riding hood met her mum at, her Nanas. “Hello” ask’s little red riding hood. Little red riding hood starts to bring in the grocires and there is nana, mum and grandpa sitting in the lounge, talking. Little red riding hood starts to make lunch, with the chicken and buns. Nana is pleased to see little red riding hood, healthy and not half eaten by a wolf, exactly like ages ago, little red riding hood took the pathway through the woods and she almost got eaten by a wolf.

Everybody (little red riding hood,  grandpa, nana, and mum), all ate their chicken buns, still worrying about nana, and her broken foot, but after all she is fine. Grandpa and little red riding hood did great things today. Little red riding hood made and bought some lunch and, grandpa helped nana with her foot. Nana is very glad to see that shes alright, and little red riding hood is ok.

Little red riding hoods, nana has recovered
from her injury and now she can walk all over the place, and sometimes she takes little red riding hood out for shopping, (How cool).

Thanks google images for the images.

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