Thursday, 25 August 2016


The sun was going down and the moon was rising the nice orange sky was appearing from the colors clinging together as one, Red riding hood’s grandma just left but forgot her medicine
Image result for snorlaxHoddy the hood had to return my medicine that grandma forgot so he gets in his car and drives  but forgot gas so had to fill up.

So Hoddy the Hood went to the gas station to full up but people were playing Pokemon go in front of the car so the car was running but staying where it was, it had half a liter of gas left.
Image result for robberImage result for car still but still onWhat to do he blew the horn as loud as he could they looked up and moved to the other lane right next to the bank the guy playing Pokemon go saw a Snorlax on his screen but just as he clicked on the Snorlax a person in a black mask came out of the bank it was a robber “WE JUST GOT ROBBED” YELLED THE BANK OWNER
But the Pokemon go player was still on the road the robber got in the car and raced away from the bank going faster and faster then he saw the man that was playing Pokemon go. Hoodie the hood said this is none of my business what happens and I don't want to see what happens so I left.

Image result for bankImage result for McDonald'sHoody the hood saw McDonald's and Said “I have not had any thing all day” but nor has grandma I should get something But Hoody the hood completely forgot about the gas he lined up all keen to get something there was someone that lined up behind me and in front of me I thought no turning back now then I saw the gas WAIT HAVE NO GAS LEFT AHHH + I need to make grandma proud so I crashed through the wall (Everything stops and only he talked) Well I thought this was good until I heard the sirens (It Plays) Crap dang it THE COPS ARE AFTER ME should I pull over or should I not? I CAN'T GRANDMA WILL BE WAITING FOR ME so I raced off with the cops smelling my butt.

I had to lose them Lucky there was a bank next to me well not a bank a post office I saw my friend that went past well the person that robbed the bank lucky he's more wanted than me so the cops will go after him 10 secs later they did I was home free almost at grandma's place and Low on gas. I had to keep going grandma must have some gas at her place Yes I got there wait dang it I ate all of the McDonald's there's no more but she didn't know that o well ill just give her her pills I knocked on her door no one was home I hear more sirens.

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