Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Rugby Ticket Comp Writing !!!!

Rugby Ticket Comp :)

 I would like to win these tickets because then I can cheer people on and give them some spirit to fight until the end and so they do their best and try their hardest. Sports like Soccer,Gymnastics and Touch, I have a passion for, and I like to have fun while kicking a ball around and doing flips ( Especially when you kick it the hardest and you actually land the flip ).I love Sports because then I end up watching other people fight to the end of the game and win, but even if they lose I will still cheer because at least they tried their hardest, ran their hearts out and played to the end. 

- I love to watch sports with people who don’t boo or throw stuff at the player, I love to watch it with people who cheer and give their strength to the players to help the in spirit, that is why we cheer and that is what I love to do. I’m not exactly a sporty and fit person but when it comes to Cheering and sportsmanship, that is what I put my heart and soul into doing. 

- So that is the reason why I love sports so much.

- Every Champion was a Contender who refused to give up hope !!!!


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