Thursday, 25 August 2016

Stuck after dark

Blog1a_Status quo corridor.jpgBen,Ethan,Tyrone and Matthew go to sleep after school and wake up when no one is at school but that is what they think the Freddy fazbear and his gang climbed through the windows.

They hear strange noises in the halls like robots moving and pizza who wants pizza.

They walk out of there class room and find there friend Matthew in the hallway so they thought he was pranking them but then a animatronic robot came up behind him and grabbed him and dragged him away
They thought it was just a trick but they went to follow Matthew they went to the closet the animatronic dragged him to and found lying on the ground with no pulse Tyrone said is he dead and Ben said yes Tyrone so they walked off and ran back to there classroom to hide from whatever those things were.

They had to survive in the security office but they stopped moving so Ben told Tyrone to go look at a camera that was not working and check out the fox animatronic so they pushed him out and shut and locked the door.

They survive a whole night and the principal comes in and all the animatronics are gone so she says it was just a nightmare and she said hey were is Tyrone and Matthew they showed her the body's and now she believes them about the bodys but not he animatronics.
So they decided not to go to sleep after school the go to sleep during lunch so they don't find anything else weird happening to be continued

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