Thursday, 25 August 2016

The night that they won’t forget

Image result for three boys cartoonImage result for cartoon robber with gunThe three o’clock bell rang and everyone stormed out the gate. When Three boys named Daniel, Regan and Ben hated each other had to do a job together it took them hours.  They had to go into their class as they were moving the stuff from the hall into the class. As they put a table down they heard a big cluck at the door. They also saw someone walking away and looked like they had something in they hands but he could just make out what they had in his hand it looked like a keychain they ran to the door and tried to push the door open but it was locked and the door was jammed closed they are locked in there for the night. They went into the class next door to see if those doors were open but they weren’t ethair. They went back into their class and heard a bang they looked outside and saw the back gate of the school was lying on the ground with tire tracks leading towards room five and six. They ran over to the other room and looked through the wet area and saw broken windows and a hole in the wall the three boys ran back and hid in the office. BOOM! “they in class number two” Ben whispers in terror they tried to get out of the class of the last time they all ran at the door and with a bang it opened. All three sprinted out when they were just about out and saw the truck drive past in the back was rocket launchers, guns, taser, C4 and the TVs and computers from the other class. They ran inside and the door jammed behind them “this time were stuck in here” said Ragen. All huddled under a table they see the roof of the truck pull in front of the building. A warm liquid is on the floor tricking out of Daniels pants. They unload the gear that they need to get in. They close their eyes and hope this is not the last time there hart pounds. BOOM the class next door is broken into they can hear the glass shatter and hit the ground. They hear the wires from the TV being ripped of the wall. Regan makes a move to see if they were coming in here. One of the guys spot him and ran around and caught him but didn’t see the other two. He said “This is C4 it’s on your back if you leave this middle area it will explode. Ben couldn’t watch as Regan is at life or dead if he moves him and Daniel run and tackle the guy they got his gun and shot him they tooled Regan to stay there  so he didn’t blow up.  They walked next door and shot one person and then Ben got taser then shot Daniel ran and dragged Ben behind him. He tried to bring him back to life but the bullet had hit his brain and he died. Daniel SHot three of the five people he picked up one of there phones and call the police. The two other guys came into the room Daniel shot one in the leg and just as the other on tried to tackle the police showed up and took him to jail. The bomb squad came and got the bomb of Regan and they went  home with their parents and came to school the next day to help pack up.

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