Thursday, 25 August 2016



On one very sunny afternoon, a group of year 7 and 8’s were setting up the hall on a Friday night. They start to put streamers of the olympic colours, all over the gates.  At once it looked nice, and the other fence looked ok. Some other people are in the hall, just talking, blowing up balloons, or hanging streamers. “It’s going to be an awesome night tonight” says one of the year 8 boys. He and his freinds go to the classroom to get some scissors. Jeff put his phone on the table and grabbed some scissors, but once he left, Jeff forgot his phone on the table, and nobody notices.

Jeff and his mates are all out having so much fun, hanging with all the girls, rocking the DJ equipment, and still doesn’t realise that his phone is gone. The disco hasn’t started yet and the place is already a mess, we’ve got so many balloons, and hulahoops on the walls (to show the Olympic rings), and there is streamers all over the fence, the sausages are sizzling, the drinks are ready, and all the adults are guarding the place (so no little kids, come and escape around the school). A lot of people are starting to arrive. Even medals are being handed out to everybody that comes in.

Jeff and his friends are exhausted from that night, until “Ahhh, my phone’s in the class”. So Jeff runs and grabs his phone, with no lights on, and his teacher locks him in the classroom. Jeff tries banging on the door, but his ears are going crazy from all of the loud music tonight. Jeff calls his mum and asks if she could come down and try  and unlock the class, or at least get him out of the class so he’s not stranded. Jeffs mum tried to call his teacher, but his phone is flat. So she calls his friends to see if they could get him out. But guess what, they couldn’t. So then Jeff’s mum, Angela tries to call the firefighters, but they said that there might be traffic, but they will put their lights on. Jeff is worried now, he’s scared. The wind is making ghost noises, it’s super, super scary. Jeff turns the lights on, but they turn back off, he tried to go through the other class, but the doors in the middle room are locked.

The firefighters are here. They try to open the door with the jaws of life (the jaws of life help people get out of their cars, when there in a serious accident). They eventually got Jeff out of the classroom. He was relieved that he was back with his mum and his friends. Next time Mr Juff needs to look in the class before he actually locks it. Mr Juff just turned up, he’s mad at Jeff for not turning the lights on. But he’s relieved that Jeff isn’t unhealthy. If Jeff never had his phone then he would be dead by now, so it’s important to have one!

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