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Writer’s Festival 2016!

Writer’s Festival 2016!

IMG_4064.jpegOn Tuesday 10 May Amelie, Adah, Kushi, Keegan, Boston and Flynn went to the Auckland Writers Festival with Mrs Van Zyl. There were 4 different authors each with a different style of writing and advice for young writers. In the morning we went to the South Mall train station and waited for about 10 minutes trying not to make eye contact with anyone then we boarded the train the girls played bus stop and laughed at the boys talking about boy stuff we don’t understand like superheros and dead-pool. Once we got off the train we walked for about 15 minutes to the venue but it took a long time because keegan keeped getting lost. There were a lot of other Kids there mostly groups of 30 kids and on our way there there were a couple of people who shouted at us to: “GO BACK TO SCHOOL!” Because we had such a small group of kids. When we eventually got there, we got given a book with different poems and short stories from all the different authors so we could all take something with us to read when we left.

The first speaker of the day was Michael Grant. He was the author of the famous series Gone. Michael Grant is an American author who had written over 150 books. He came to talk to us about history and war. He showed us all a clip of a man talking about his experience at war and how bad it actually was. Next he started to promote his new book called Frontline. Frontline is about girls going to WWII. They have been called up to fight alongside men. Rio Richlin and her friends have to go and fight against Hitler and his forces. Now they must not only fight to survive but to prove their courage to the world. Michael Grant then showed us his book trailer. His trailer was so AMAZING that Amelie and I both went and bought the books. Next he talked about his life. He is married to a wonderful lady called Katherine Alice Applegate. Their first job was cleaning houses and then they chose to become authors. They started writing teen romance novels together and then moved onto fiction. Michael then answered any questions that the crowd asked until his time was up.

Image result for Tusiata Avia.The next speaker was Tusiata Avia. She was the only poet out of the four speakers and authors. She came to speak to us about believing in ourselves and not letting anyone else tell you otherwise. She spoke about making the most of everything, even when things got difficult. Tusiata then told us a Samoan Legend. It was about a young girl named Sienna and an Eel. The legend says that Sienna went to a nearby pond, the Eel saw Sienna and instantly fell in love. Sienna being young and judgmental, judged the Eel based on his looks and not what he had to offer. Since the Eel knew he wouldn't be loved, he told Sienna that if she cut his head head off, she would gain everything she would ever need. Sienna then cut his head off, the head then fell into the sand. A coconut then grew out of the sand. It was said the you would have everything you need. You would have food and coconut juice, you could use the leaves to build a roof and  there is a substance in the coconut that could be used as medicine. There are many more different ways for the coconut tree to be used. Sienna then carried on with her life alongside her coconut tree. Tusiata then changed the legend a bit and made it more interesting. Throughout the changes of the legend, Amelie and Adah could not stop laughing! Let’s just say that some of the changes weren’t exactly necessary... She then when on and read some of her poems. A few minutes later, her time was up and we were off to lunch!

For lunch we headed off to McDonalds. We all walked down Queen Street until we finally reached our destination. Next we ordered our food and sat down to eat. Whilst we ate, we talked about random things and had a good time. Next Mrs Van Zyl's son came over and they both started chatting as well. After we finished eating our DELICIOUS food, we rushed back to the hall so our spots don’t get taken. Then the Writer’s Festival programme continued.

Edward Cary was the speaker after lunch. Once everybody was seated and ready to begin, Edward came out to start speaking. He spoke a bit about his books and his characters. He mainly spoke about his characters backstories and that they were given a special item that they would have to keep and take care of for the rest of their lives. He told us that they could never leave anywhere without their item. Edward explained that he illustrates his own drawing and characters which gave him an easier idea for their personalities. His characters are very interesting because he only uses black and white, he said that his characters live very differently to their neighbours.

Image result for Ella WestThe last speaker was Ella West she wrote a book called night vision which is about a girl who has XP which means she can't be in direct sunlight so she sleeps at day and goes to the forest to play at night until she witnesses a body disposal so she has to tell a string of lies which gets her into a lot of trouble. Ella West was a sheep farmer when she was little so she wanted to tell the story of how farmers aren't cruel to animals so she made her main character a sheep farmer. She told us she never thought she would be writing books when she was a kid, so we should always keep our minds open because we never know what will happen in the future.

After all the speeches it was time to go home. We all went back to the train station and traveled back home on the train. During the ride, everybody celebrated the day by sharing a laugh and playing a game. It was the perfect way to end that awesome day!!

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