Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek

On one very sunny afternoon, a group of year 7 and 8’s decided to go to the dairy and then go back to school to play a hide and seek and hid from the teacher in their class. When that teacher came back from the staff room she just came to get her things and locked everything. Everyone but lily and Rachel could not get out from were they were hiding because they were hiding in a cupboard and couldn’t get out.

After 2 hour the cleaners came in to clean the class and heard banging so he looked around the corner and just saw the cupboards moving from Rachel and lily banging it. Then he tried to open the door but couldn’t because it was locked.Then he tried to pull the the door but wouldn’t open then he called the office people to go to room 7 with a key to open the cupboards. After about another 30 minutes the office people came and unlocked the cupboards.

When the office lady came she got out all her keys but then she said that she doesn’t have any keys for these cupboards only the teachers have the keys for the cupboards so then she called the fire brigade but they couldn’t come because they only go places with fire’ then the office lady called the teacher but the cleaner and the office lady went outside and as soon as the door shut they were hearing sounds but when the office lady and the teacher opened the door those sounds went away.

When the teacher went into her handbag the keys for the cupboards were at her house, then the teacher said to rachel and lily that she is going home t9o get the keys but then she ended up not coming back so they were stuck in the cupboard for longer than they planned.After another hour the office lady called 111 and said it is a emergence there are two kids have been in stuck in the cupboard for 3 and a half hours without food and water.They are in really uncomfortable positions and can’t move they said they will be there in awhile they just need to get an ambulance and then they will be there.

When the ambulance/fire brigade finally arrived two of the fire men cut the door open and got Rachel and Lily out of the cupboard and into the ambulance to get checked out they were fine but they went to hospital just for further examining at the hospital and get a xray done of their chests and things but at the end they were all fine.When they all got to school on the monday morning Lily told the other two that they are never going to play hide and seek after school and only before school and during school time.           

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