Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Not the end

Tears stream down into the half empty tub of ice cream and make her sweet comforter bitter and salty this wasn’t what she wanted; to be lying in her bed watching stranger things to distract her, she slowly starts to forget and gets deeply interested in the story until eleven and Mike kiss, “Stop El he probably has another chick he’s kissing!” she shouts at her computer starting to cry again. “I know what you did” Chelsea texted to her now ex boyfriend. “What do you mean babe” he deceivingly texted back to her. Chelsea sent him the photo she took of him kissing Miranda “That wasn’t me” he texted back to her. It all got too much for her so she texted him “goodbye steve” and blocked his number. They were going to be the perfect couple him the captain of the football team and her the leader of the cheer leading squad. Sure she had straight A’s and he felt proud when he got a c but they were still perfect. Over the month Chelsea had started to suspect something was up, he had been caught up with football a lot but when Chelsea come to watch him his teammates told her that he said he was going out with his girlfriend, Chelsea didn't suspect anything because she never told him about when she was going to her mathletes training and she told him she was at cheer practise but she knew he would never find out because he never went to her trainings or her actual games or competitions. But yesterday when she went into the changing rooms to get into her dress she was wearing to meet Steve for their date something seemed off her vice captain Miranda left early so she got changed and went around the back to check and see if she was in the schools kissing spot, she wasn't surprised to see that she was there but she wanted to know who she was with so she peeked around and saw someone with a football uniform on and brown wavy hair, It looked like Steve but it couldn't be he was supposed to be getting ready for their date. Just to conform she hear Miranda telling him not to tell Chelsea. Everyone told Chelsea that Steve was not good for her anyway and that he was intellectual enough but those comments came mostly from the mathletes. One day when she was walking into class there was a sign on the whiteboard that said look in your locker. So she went to her locker and there was a note saying go the the hall. In the hall the choir sang her a song and told her to go the gym, in the gym the cheerleaders did a cheer and after the captain of the mathletes came out got down on one knee and said “Chelsea will you go out with me” so she said yes. Steve left the football team and Miranda left the cheer squad to raise the baby together.

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