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Camp 2016

Camp 2016

On Tuesday the 18th all the year 7 and 8 started there 4 day camp trip once we arrived at Lakewood lodge we set up our cabins and started our first rotation. for my first rotation group 1-4 went to survival camp when we got to survival camp we set up our tents and did the mud run.Back at the other camp the other 3 groups did there first, second and third rotation witch was Wall climbing,Flying Fox and Archery.At 6:00 pm the Survival camp people made there dinner and they went to the camp to do the Burma trail after the Burma trail we went back to Survival camp. We all played spot light then we had to go to bed and after half and hour it was lights out.

The next day we woke up and got ready to go back for the morning run after the morning run then every one had breakfast.The other 3 groups went to survival camp and the remaining 4 groups did there first,second and third activities witch were horse games,wall climbing,Archery and low ropes then we had dinner and supper and did the water slide.After that we some free time and then we all went to the hall and we did our line dances and our talent shows.

On the third day we woke up,had the morning run and then went for breakfast and then at 8:00-8:30 some people could help the two instructors bring in the horse's.At 8:30 some people could help the animal feeding instructor feed the ponies,alpacas,chickens,goat and the piglets and then we sadly had our last three rotations witch was group 1 on Archery,group 2 on low ropes,group 3 on horse games,group 4 on wall climbing,group 5 and 6 on flying fox and group 7 on kayaking.At 10:30-10:55 we had morning tea then the bell would ring at 11:00 for our next rotation after rotation 8 12:30 we had lunch for 1 hour so at 1:30-3:00 we had our last rotation with group one on was meant to be on horse games but maz one of the horses got sick so we had to do the iron man challenge and with that you so muddy.

At 3:00 it was afternoon tea then at 3:30-4:00 we had to do the water slide/water fight, at 4:30-5:00 we could feed the animals but at that time all of the girls then went for showers at 6:00 we had dinner/desert then at 7:00 we had the y games witch was really fun and at that night we only got to sleep at 10:30-11:00 pm then that was the end of day three.

On the last day we woke up at 6:20 to get ready for the morning run then at 7:30 we had breakfast at 8:30 it was feeding the animals at 9:00 it was clean up time so we all had to take all our things out of the cabins/dormitory's and put them outside so that the bus people could load them into the bus.At 10:15 we had morning tea and after that at 10:45 it was preparation for top class event then at 11:00 it was the top class event.After top class event while we were waiting for lunch some of us went for a shower then at 12:15 we had lunch at 1:00 we had the prize giving and then at 1:30 we said good bye to the camp instructors and then we left back for school.

Camp instructors:

Operations Manager:Tania


Bush craft and Survival Instructor: Craig and George

Horse Instructors:Theresa and Vicky

The 'Boss':Chubs the fluffy dog     

Outdoor Instructor:Kathryn

Outdoor Instructor:George

Outdoor Instructor:Anita

Out door Instructor:Abby

wall climbing




My Camp Writing

My Camp Writing
Day 1 ( the Arrival ) - I arrived at school with my gear at 7:30 on Tuesday ready for my amazing week at camp.  We get into our lines and get ready for camp but we were held up bus of the bus being late. When the bus finally arrived we grabbed our bags and went and put our stuff into our cabins me and five others got to use the adults cabin. We also got a briefing on what happens at camp. After the brief we had morning tea and then we started our first rotation.
Camp mud .jpg
For my group we had survival camp for the whole day. We packed and then headed to survival one group at a time. My group made it there and then we got ready to make our tents. After our tents were up we got ready for the mud run. We had a race in the mud and we also got to turn in the mud for a punishment for being late. After that we cleaned of in a lake which was cold hard fun. After we were cleaned of we went up to the assembly place to have launch.  After launch we did the camouflage and search and rescue activities. I won the camouflage once because i hid under some grass. In the search and rescue group 2 lost because we weren't a team. After that we were allowed own choice out of the lake and mud run i was the only one in the mud run.  After the mud run we all went up for the fire challenge.  Our group finished second to last and we finished our dinner second. It was beautiful. We also got to have some marshmallows.  After the marshmallows we went back to Lakewood for the Burma trail. I wasn’t all the fun because the blindfolds hurt my eyes but it was interesting with the girls screaming to nothing. When we got back to camp we played spotlight and Andre always won because he was up a tree. It had been a long day and i was happy to go to bed.

Day 2 ( Talent quest  and line dances )  -  I woke on Wednesday morning with everything packed and ready to go back to Lakewood. When got back to Lakewood we ran to the horse paddocks for the morning run. He had to run 2 laps of the facility. Next we had breakfast. After we had breakfast we all got ready for our four activity my groups was horse games. In horse games we meet four horses named Joe, Maz, Fox and Solo. We were allowed to ride Joe and Maz. We played a whole lot of games.  I rode Joe and he nearly fell asleep. After we finished with the horses we had morning tea. Activity 5 for me was climbing I was going to enjoy it. I climbed the hard wall and easy wall and I got the quickest time in my school ( 37 s ) Then we went on the boulder and lost my grip I was super disappointed. After climbing and launch. We went to archery and I had trouble to hit the balloons but I did nearly get a bulls eye. Next was the waterside I loved it but it did hurt going to my stomach. After the waterside I had my first shower of camp. After the showers we started to practice our talent shows and line dances Me and Jared started practice our skit. After dinner we all got settled into the hall for the line dances and talent items. The lines dances were a mess but they were funny. After the dances we got onto the talent items some were funny some very really cool and some were disasters, but in the end Black and White won with their great dance. After a late night biscuit we went to our rooms and talked to we went to bed                   

Day 3 ( Y games ) - I awoke on Thursday and rushed to the morning run and i smashed it out. After breakfast my group hurried of to low ropes. My group did everything as a group and we worked together to get the activity done. There was and activity were I actually had to hold something some by group could get on it was called the Titanic. After morning tea we headed to The flying fox along with group one. I loved the flying fox and it was so fun. It became cooler when my dad disobeyed the rules and went upside down and had to do push ups. After launch I went to kayaking. At kayaking we were reminded how to use the paddles and how to steer. We paddled down the stream and we also had the best water fight ever. We finished afternoon tea and then started up on the waterside again but this time we had water balloons. The showers were chaotic and a bit weird, 5 boys in one shower I was happy that I got my own shower. Everyone was in a rush at dinner because they were all looking forward to the Y games. The Y games were fun my favourite event was eating the marshmallow with no hands. The quiz was hard, but fun and sadly at the ends the parents won again. That night I went to bed buzzing.

Day 4 ( last Day ) -  I woke on Friday morning quite sad I didn’t really want to leave camp. I got up and went out for the morning run. But I was surprised when Mr Fourie told me and some other boys to grap Alex and Stephanie so they couldn’t leave the house arena. I was more surprised when he told us to empty our drink bottles over their heads to get out of doing another run. After breakfast we all started to clean up the camp for the next lucky people. After the long clean up we all went for morning tea and we all started to think about the top class event. I knew I would to climbing. When the event started I was nervous because we fell behind in the morning run but I felt happy when my climbing group was able to start. When I went up the hard wall I was so panicked that when I came down I couldn’t undo the carabiner. I was finally unhooked and I ran to the next event and we had gained a huge lead. We speed through the other events and when we finished the waterside we all got into a seven shape. It was hard because we weren't working together and we all had different ideas. But we got it done and came first once again. After lunch we had prize giving and got our team and individual rewards and we also said our last goodbye. I really liked my time at Lakewood Lodge and I would love go again.    

camp at lakewood lodge 2016

Zachary's Camp Adventure

Camp 2016

On the first day of Camp I went to survival camp.Once we got survival Camp we were shown around the place by George and Craig. There was the top of the line Long Drop and there was a Mud Run.
Once Craig and George showed us around we grabbed our tents and set them up, in my tent there was Shaun, Mikhil, Owen and I (Zac).After we set up our tents we then went to the Mud Run when we got down to the Mud Run we got ready to run through the mud.There was a rope which we had to hold onto for dear life because if you let it go you would sink into the mud so fast. All of us had to duck under two bars of metal, we all had to then ran and touch the tree and do the course again.Then we had to do our consequence because we didn’t get our stuff in time so our consequence was getting into the mud doing whatever George told us to do.Then we all jumped into the nice and refreshing lake.Once we had gotten out of the lake we got dried and into close that were comfortable so we could have lunch.Then we played camouflage which is where we get inside the spray painted circle and we had to hide using mud, trees grass and any other thing you could find.Then George went around the edges of the spray painted circle and say your name if he found you.Then we had to make a SOS sign which stands for Save Our Souls.We did pretty well but the Killer Bunnies won☹.Then we had free time I went back in the lake and started bombing into the lake.Then we went back to do the afternoon activities which was the Burma trail.Which all the teachers and parents tried to scare us but they didn’t scare many people.Once we did the Burma trail we played spotlight.I was found in the first 4 or 5 rounds then in the last round I hid behind a tent and then run to a tree and climbed to the top and I won along with 2 other people.After we played spotlight we went  to bed.
Day 2
My tent woke up and we got our clothes on then we put our sleeping bags back into the bag and we left to go and do the morning run which was like 1-2 km’s which was pretty easy.Then we had breakfast I just had cornflakes..Then my group Team Smash did Low Ropes which is where you use strategy to complete small task the first one was we had to go on a balancing board and we had to go in alphabetical order without touching the ground and then we had to go in the order of the months we were born in.My group then had to play rock paper scissors on pieces of rope.My group then had to do this challenge called the toxic challenged which is were you have to get across the river without going over the piece of wood.My group got big pieces of wood and walked across it slowly.The second to last activity where the chocolate factory which is where you have to get to the last stump without touching the ground or you would set your team backwards.The very last activity was the unstable log which was were you would stand on the log and try and rock log so you would get the other people of in the first round Mitchell won then in the next one I won.We then had Morning tea.After Morning Tea my group then di kayaking we got our kayaks into the water then we paddled all the way out to the post and then came back.When we were all back we went to the shallow part of the lake and played a game.The game was where you had to crawl across the kayaks one at a time and once you had reached the end you will run back to your kayak and sit down in it.After we had taken our Kayaks out of the water we had lunch.Lunch was yummy.After we had lunch we went to the Climbing wall.We first had to get our harness on then we all had a go on the bouldering wall which is a climbing wall which climb across not up.I climbed it in one go.After that we did the bouldering wall we got taught how to belay.I was the Guinea Pig so I climbed the wall first.I climbed to the top of the easy course but I didn’t get to have a go at the harder wall.After that we had afternoon tea.Then we had free time.After free time we went on the waterslide which had brown water at the end of it.Then we had dinner.After dinner we had the talent quest and the line dances.My talent quest group was the Lip Syncing 6 we did pretty well.Then we had a hot chocolate and celebrated Brookes,Hayleys and Lelanis birthdays.Then we went to  bed.     

Day 3
We woke from Mr Fourie squirting as with water guns the water was a little bit cold.We then  did the morning run.After we finished the morning run we went and had Breakfast I just had cornflakes again.After we had breakfast we did archery.When we were doing archery I shot an arrow into the tree and it stayed in the tree.I named the arrow “The Holy Arrow!”.After we did archery we had morning tea.For morning tea we had Apples,Oranges,Biscuits and little muffins some days.After we had Morning tea my group and another group went to the flying fox.The flying fox was really fun because you were like defying gravity.Also it was fun because you would get lots of speed and the wind will just up against your face.After we did the flying fox we had lunch.Lunch was so yummy.After we had our yummy lunch we went to do the Ironman Challenge instead of horse games as one of the horses were sick.When we were doing the Ironman Challenge we had to Climb inside tyres,then run around rocks and a tree,we then had to army crawl under 2 pieces of wood,when then had to walk over a piece of wood that was on a log.Then we had to then push a barrel 3 times,then we had to crawl in mud and go under a tarpaulin then sprint to the finish line.After we had finished the Ironman Challenge we went on the waterslide. Then we had free time which was either the tramp,Basketball,Volleyball/J Ball,Table tennis and pool.After free time we went and had dinner Yummy.After dinner we went into the main building and played the Y games.After the Y games we went to bed.

The Last Day

On the Last day at Lakewood lodge we did the top class event.The top class event was where you have 2 boy runners and 2 girls runners to run the morning run,then they had to run to the climbing wall which someone had to do the bouldering wall and then tag the person to climb the wall and once they had finished climbing the wall they had to tag the other bouldering wall person and then they had to tag the other climbing person.Once the climbing wall people had finished they had to run over to the throwers where they had to knock down three targets.After they had hit the targets down they had to then they had to run to the archers.The archers then had to chose a colour of balloons to pop.Once all the balloons where popped they had to run to the Ironman challenge people,they then had to complete that and then they tagged the flying fox people who then went down the flying fox and ran back up to the top where everyone else was and then Vishay ran to the Kayaks.The kayak people then had to paddle as fast as the could to the post and back then put there kayaks back and ran to the waterslide and tag them.After the waterslide people where finished we had to make our classroom number out of our people.Room 7 one which is my class. Yay. We then had morning tea.After Morning tea we had prize giving.Our group one 1 prize and then the killer bunnies one lots more than us.After prize giving we thanked out cook cookie for mking our dinners and lunches for us. After all of that was over we went home on the bus and patiently waited until we got picked up.

CAMP 2016!

Camp 2016!

Camp 2016!

Camp this year was amazing,I made new friends and overcame some fears.We all had opportunity to go out there and give everything a go even if we found it complicated. The experience we all had this year is unforgettable,we shared so many laughs and memories with each other that it brought us closer together.

Day 1: We arrived at Lakewood lodge at 10:00 and we got our bags and headed to the girls dormitories,and chose our beds.Once everyone was happy with where they were sleeping,we all went down to the dining area and had a talk about the camp rules and who the staff were,and what our first activity.Im was in group 6 which was Cookie Monsters and our first activity was kayaking,and it was really fun.When we all got in the kayaks we went through drills on how to make the kayak go backwards and forwards,once we all got the hang of it we started playing a few games.After our kayaking had finsihed we went back and had lunch then got into our second rotation.Our next acticity was lows ropes.This was a very stressful but yet fun.We all had to work as a team to complete a set of obstacles,some of them were quite tricky as you were on a wooden plank and you werent allowed to talk at all and the challenge was to get in the order as alphabetical order for your name and the month you were born in. Straight after low ropes we went straight into the climbing wall.Once again this was very fun.The wall we had to climb was 11 metres high,and it was really scary as two people in your group would be the belayers,this is where one person would be pulling you up and giving you a wedgie whilst the other person pulls the rope into the bucket as hard as she/he can and give the other belayer a wedgie.Later that night all the groups that went to survival camp came back so we could do spotlight and the burma trail.Group 5,6 and 7 did spot light first.This was a really fun game as soon as it went dark because you could barely see anything and you had to try and run up the hill without one of the instructors seeing you. When it was pitch black we then had to do the burma trail,this was very scary.When we all got split apart and you were by yourself it got even worse because the adults would spray you with water without you knowing and you would get stuck in the mud.When we came to the end we all waited in the tent for the other people to arrive.Once everyone was in the tent we headed back to the lodge and had hot chocolate and some biscuite.Mr Fourie was telling us girls bout “Coco the clown” and how he went up to the girls dorm and whilst coming down the stairs he broke his neck.When all the girl were stucked in their beds and half asleep, Mr Fourie and Mr Munro thought it would be funny to come up to our dorms in clown costumes and scare us to the death.

Day 2:6:17 we woke up and I went to go to the other dorm to see if anyone was awake not knowing what I got myself into.when I walked out the door I heard noises coming up the stairs and I thought it was Mrs Bailey but no it was Mr Fourie and Mr Munro with water guns.I was the very first person to get squirted so I ran into the dorm and told  everyone and so I hid behind one of the bunk beds,which didn't help at all.Once all of that was over and dusted we all got ready for the morning run,which as ok.Once we all finished our run we headed back to the lodge and had our breakfast,and group 5,6 and 7 had survival camp so we had to go and pack.This was the activity I didn’t want to do as it involves doing the mud run and the groups that went the day before had warned us about how disgusting it was.We all walked to survival and got straight into our togs for the mud run.When it was my go I honestly was so scared until I actually got in,it was as bad but I still hated it.The mud smelt so bad and each step you took it was like stepping in a pile of cow poop (which it practically was).We then made a fire and cooked our sausages for lunch then we played some activities.After that we went back to our fires and decided what we were going to make for dinner my group made spaghetti bolognese which actually was pretty good.All our groups headed back to the camp grounds and got ready for the talent quest and line dance.Watching the performances was really hilarious and entertaining.
Day 3:Fortunately day 3 we didn't get woken up with water guns but we had the most uncomfortable sleep ever as we were in tents on the grass.We all had to get up at 6:00 and pack away our tents then head back for the morning run.After the morning run we had our breakfast and then we had to get ready for our first rotation of the day.My group had the flying fox and this was my favourite activity at the camp as two people went at a time and it was very fun soaring across the lake.After the flying fox,we went back for morning tea and into our nect rotation.Group 6 had horse games this was very fun because i've never rode a big horse before.Our next activity for the day was archery,this is something Im not that good at but it was really enjoyable.We had dinner and then had free time while the staff set up the dining room for the Y games.When it was time for the Y games everyone got excited.The Y games was really funny and we all had a great time.
Day 4:We all woke up and got ready for the morning run,then had breakfast and got ready for the top class event.The top class event was the best thing ever,we all had to work as a class to choose 4 students to do each activity.It started off with a run and then the climbing wall and then so on.Our class won which was Room 7.Once we had finished the top class event we went to lunch and up to the dorms to pack our bags to get ready to go home.Everyone brought there bags down so they could load them on the bus.We all hopped on the bus and we went back to school.
I was really sad to leave lakewood lodge as I had so much fun there.

Camp 2016!

Camp 2016!

Day 1:

On the first day of my camp experience, all the students attending camp were told to meet in the hall at about 7:45am on Tuesday the 18/10/16. We were all welcomed by excited and happy faces. Once the meeting was coming to an end, we loaded the bus with our luggage and headed to Lakewood Lodge! On the way their, the bus I was in mostly sang songs or laughed really loud, it was quite a ride!

Once we got to the campsite, we settled in our cabins and picked our room mates. Soon after, we were called down to the living room where we would meet every morning. We were introduced to all the instructors and were also filled in to where all the activities were going to take place and be held. We were shown around the camp and we also got to feed the animals as well!

Image result for lakewood lodgeMy first activity was Survival Camp. We were told to meet in the hall, there, we were told what to bring and what we needed to have ready. We then had 7 minutes to gather everything we needed, 7 minutes! Once all 4 team were back, we made our way to the camp site. Once we got there, we were assigned our shelters which we would use when cooking meals and having meetings with the other groups. We were then asked to choose some people to bunk with and pitch our tents. After we chose where our tents were going to be, we headed back to the meeting shelters for the next job to do. Throughout the day, we went through things like a mud run, capture the flag and many more group activities. After cooking and consuming dinner, we had a small break. Soon after, we all sat down and roasted marshmallows as friends. After all the sweets were eaten, all groups headed to bed. In the morning, we made our way back to the camp where we would have our first morning run.

Day 2:

On day two, we had our morning run. We soon finished up and had a 10 minute break before breakfast. When it was breakfast time, the girls lined up, following them were the boys. As we grabbed our servings of breakfast, we all grabbed a table and stuffed our faces!

That day, my first activity was the Low Ropes. The Low Ropes is a group activity which involves a lot of teamwork and collaboration. There were many activities we had to do  as a team, for example, there was the chocolate factory accident and the rock, paper, scissors war! It was a great experience, I thought that doing that activity first really brought the team together and made us closer.Being one half of the team captains, I had such a great time getting to know my teammates and learning more about them.  Later on that day, we had Kayaking and I couldn't wait!

camo.jpgLater on that day, the next activity I had was Kayaking. My group quickly gathered everything we needed and headed to our instructor Katherine. She led us to the lake and shed where all the canoes/paddles were stored. Once we got there, my team and I were so eager to start! First, we got our canoes ad paddle and headed into a small part of the lake which was our “meeting place”. As soon as everyone was settled and used to the canoe, we headed out to this pole in the middle of the river to check out how high the water level has risen to. Throughout the time we had kayaking, we had a blast! Finishing up the activity, we were getting ready for the nest activity; The Climbing Wall!

After lunch, we headed to the climbing wall. That was our final activity for the day. We made our way over to the climbing wall with Abby and Rice. Rice and Abby really made our day with their jokes and puns. We took turns climbing and arming the belayer as well. As we took our turns, we chanted our chant and laughed at jokes! That was the end of the day, we then made our way back to our cabins.

Day 3:

On day three, we had our morning run. We soon finished up and had a 10 minute break before breakfast. When it was breakfast time, the girls lined up, following them were the boys. As we grabbed our servings of breakfast, we all grabbed a table and stuffed our faces!

For our first activity, we did archery, YAY! Once we finished breakfast, we had a bit of time to gather our things before we headed to our activity. Once we got to the archery station, we went over the safety procedures.  Once that was wrapped up, we picked out which bow we wanted to use and fired away! Throughout the laughs, chants and friendly competition, my team had a really great time!

Soon after, My group and group 2 budded up for the flying fox! I couldn't wait for the flying fox because it was above a very interesting river, I also loved the flying fox because I got to spend some time with my friends from group 2. Each person got about 4-5 turns, depending on how fast we worked together. I buddied up with my friend Jessica, 2 people were able to go at a time so I chose Jess. While we were on the flying fox, Jess and I sang one of the songs featured in High School Musical, yes I know, great right! We finished up by taking off our harnesses and helmets, we also shared a few funny stories. We then made our way to have lunch, YAY!

cp.jpgOnce lunch finished up, my team and I made our way to the spot under the flying fox where we would have our next activity; The Iron Man Challenge. Unfortunately, we were not able to participate in the horse games because the horses felt unwell. So we did the iron man challenge instead! As we made our way to the muddy auto course, we were given a brief description of what the challenge was going to be like. Lets just say that if the T.V show Wipe out and a mud run had a baby, it would be the iron man challenge. Once that was finished, leaving my team looking like a bunch of muddy noodles, we headed to the showers for a good, long and hard wash. Then it was almost time for Dinner and the Y-Games!

The Y-Games was so much fun! Teams go head to head competing in multiple different challenges. Some of them were; guessing country's flag while blindfolded, eating a marshmallow about 2 feet long without using your hands, guessing movie theme songs and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Throughout the night was so many good times, friendships grew stronger, teams grew closer and people were definitely surprised! It was such an awesome time that I am never going to forget!

Day 4:
As usual, we had our morning run and breakfast, but you should know that by now!

w.jpgThroughout the day we had our normal activities, but the next event is the biggest event done at camp; The Top Class Event! The Top Class Event consists of a team of 28 people which would then be divided into separate groups. There would be 4 runners (2 boys and 2 girls) who would run a 1km track, a runner from there would then run to the climbing wall. The climbing wall team consists of 4 people (again, 2 boy and 2 girls) who would then climb the climbing wall. From there, a runner would run to the next station which involves aim. Each class is given 4 tennis balls, then the four people in each class team would have to knock down a target. From there, a runner would then run to the archery station, which was where I was. The first class to be tagged by the runner, would then chose the color balloon they wanted. My class team chose the white balloons. There were 4 white balloons and my team was the first team to shoot all four balloons! Then, a runner from our team ran to the next event which was the Iron Man Challenge. The Iron Man Challenge consorts a team of 2, a boy and a girl. From there, a runner would run to the flying fox, that group included 4 people. Once each person had their turn, a runner from there then ran to the next event; Kayaking! In that team, there would be 2 people. Once they finished their laps of the lake, they each packed away their canoes and paddles. A runner from there would then run to the next activity, which was the water slide. That team consists of 4 people. As those 4 people finished up their turns on the water slide, my class had to form a number 7 on a big patch of grass. Once we made the number 7, room 7 won! Hooray!

After that, we had lunch a a load of free time! Soon before we left, we there was a prize giving and a thanking ceremony while our luggage was being loaded into the buses. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to all the instructors who were the best! Even though it was upsetting, we all had a great time and created awesome memories! We then headed to the buses where we would then travel back home. Going and experience that camp was one of the best experience I think I have ever had or been through.  Let me just say, it was a wild ride and a journey I will never forget!

Camp 2016

Camp 2016

Tuesday the 18th of October I was up early and so excited today was the day that I go on my school camp. I arrived at school to find all my friends were there. With bags lying around the school hall I walked into the hall and sat down in my class line. The buses arrived and I helped load the bags into the undercarriage of the bus. After the roll was called we all loaded into the buses and we were on our way.

The sun was shining as we rolled down the steep driveway of Lakewood Lodge. We saw all the great staff and people there waiting to greet us. We unloaded the buses and found our bed for the week. Then we headed up to the lodge at the top of the hill to get our safety briefing and meet the staff.

Then we were into our first activity for the day which was horse game, first we groomed Fox and Solo and then we moved over to the the horse arena to ride Joe and Maz. I liked the activity and enjoyed learning about the horses. Our other activities that day were Kayaking and Archery.

Day two rolls around and we get up and do the morning run and then I go up for breakfast. I headed back to my cabin and start packing some stuff to go to survival camp. The 9:00 o’clock bell rings I head up to the top of the hill with my stuff and sit down in my camp group. We get our directions to our destination and start walking. We arrived at survival camp and find our tent. We put our stuff in our tent and went up for our first activity.

Our first activity was the mud run it was really smelly but it was fun and cool to get muddy and dirty. Our second activity was to make a fire and burn a rope about 5 metres up first group to burn it won. Our group came second. Next we got a little hungry so we cooked sausages on sticks. Once we had cleaned up he went down the hill and played camouflage. Then we went up and made and cook dinner. After dinner we cleaned up and we got our touches and head back to camp. We got back to the lodge and got ready for the talent quest. Fire and Ice won the line dance and Black and White won the tenant quest. We headed back to camp to go to sleep.

6:00am up and packing up our tent. We head up to the top and start walking back to the lodge for the morning run. We have a nice run and once we were finished we headed up to the top to have some breakfast. We started our activity for the day which was wall climbing, it was fun being the anchor but it hurt my fingers and I couldn't climb they hurt so much. Our other activities were flying fox and low ropes.               

On the last morning we wake up and we do the morning run and headed up to the top of the hill and we had breakfast and then we got all of our gear and put it at the bottom of the hill by the bank. Then it was time for the top class event. That had in it a relay, climb, throwing, actuary, ironman challenge, flying fox, kayaking, water slide and making our class number with everyone in our class. I did the ironman challenge. Room seven won YAY. Then after the fun it was time to go home. We got back to school and everyone was happy to be home.

I had a great time at camp and can't wait to go again next year!

Lakewood lodge year 7/8 camp 2016

Lakewood lodge year ⅞ camp 2016
IMG_9739.JPGLakewood lodge in a very cool camp spot the we went to for our school camp and we stayed there for 4 days and it was a very cool experience because we did lots of thing and we got to ride horses and i have never done it before so it was cool, we did 3 activities every day. I really enjoyed survival camp because we went to a camp spot and i had stayed in a tent with other people at the bottom of the hill and it was very hot because of how many people there were and we got to cook our own food for lunch and dinner so it was very cool because there was games. One of the games what the rope game when we need to burn a drop in half and all we used was firewood and 5 pieces of paper to rip up. We were going to play lots of games at night with craig and george because we were going to play spot light but it was too late and we didn’t.
Arrival / Day 1
IMG_9709.JPGWhen we got there we got off the bus we had different groups so we went and got all out thing sorted then we had to go up to the top were the bell was were we all met and got in out groups, we had done three activities and our first one was horses games when we ride horses and get use to them then we start to play games on them we were doing races and we one with the horse names joe and we were vs maz. It was really cool because were we were staying was in a barn that was done up and made into lots of room that have created lots of bunks out of it and it was a good idea.
Day 2
Day 2 was a really cool day because we had been woken up with a water gun from mr fourie and mr munro then we had to get ready for the morning run that we did that was 1 or 2ks that we had to run that was really good. we had done some activities but this day we didn’t do the same we went to survival camp that day for the night because we had turns and it was fun what we did lots of things there like we were in the middle of nowhere. We had to put up our own tent that we were going to sleep in and my group was right down the bottom and when we went to sleep we had 4 people and it was really hot.
Day 3
On the 3rd day we had to wake up and pack up our tent and we had to pack up grants tent as well. it was fun and we had to get all the equipment and we carried it back with our bags and stuff. We started walking back to the camp site and once we got back there we had to do the morning run because we do it every morning. After the morning run we had to get ready for the day and we were starting to get into the activities again. For the activities we were doing the climbing wall then the flying fox and the third one was kayaking. I really liked the climbing wall because we were doing a big wall that was 11.3 meters high. I went up the left side of it 2 time and i really wanted to keep doing it but we had to switch.
Day 4
Day 4 was the last day when we had to pack up all our thing but before that we did the morning run then got ready like a normal day. We had gone up to the meeting point and had breakfast. After breakfast we went and put our bags on the side of the road so the bus can pack them then we did the top class event. We had to do all the activities for it and room 7 won and it was fun because we had to create the class number with our bodys to finish.