Thursday, 27 October 2016

Camp 2016!

Camp 2016!

Camp this year was amazing,I made new friends and overcame some fears.We all had opportunity to go out there and give everything a go even if we found it complicated. The experience we all had this year is unforgettable,we shared so many laughs and memories with each other that it brought us closer together.

Day 1: We arrived at Lakewood lodge at 10:00 and we got our bags and headed to the girls dormitories,and chose our beds.Once everyone was happy with where they were sleeping,we all went down to the dining area and had a talk about the camp rules and who the staff were,and what our first activity.Im was in group 6 which was Cookie Monsters and our first activity was kayaking,and it was really fun.When we all got in the kayaks we went through drills on how to make the kayak go backwards and forwards,once we all got the hang of it we started playing a few games.After our kayaking had finsihed we went back and had lunch then got into our second rotation.Our next acticity was lows ropes.This was a very stressful but yet fun.We all had to work as a team to complete a set of obstacles,some of them were quite tricky as you were on a wooden plank and you werent allowed to talk at all and the challenge was to get in the order as alphabetical order for your name and the month you were born in. Straight after low ropes we went straight into the climbing wall.Once again this was very fun.The wall we had to climb was 11 metres high,and it was really scary as two people in your group would be the belayers,this is where one person would be pulling you up and giving you a wedgie whilst the other person pulls the rope into the bucket as hard as she/he can and give the other belayer a wedgie.Later that night all the groups that went to survival camp came back so we could do spotlight and the burma trail.Group 5,6 and 7 did spot light first.This was a really fun game as soon as it went dark because you could barely see anything and you had to try and run up the hill without one of the instructors seeing you. When it was pitch black we then had to do the burma trail,this was very scary.When we all got split apart and you were by yourself it got even worse because the adults would spray you with water without you knowing and you would get stuck in the mud.When we came to the end we all waited in the tent for the other people to arrive.Once everyone was in the tent we headed back to the lodge and had hot chocolate and some biscuite.Mr Fourie was telling us girls bout “Coco the clown” and how he went up to the girls dorm and whilst coming down the stairs he broke his neck.When all the girl were stucked in their beds and half asleep, Mr Fourie and Mr Munro thought it would be funny to come up to our dorms in clown costumes and scare us to the death.

Day 2:6:17 we woke up and I went to go to the other dorm to see if anyone was awake not knowing what I got myself into.when I walked out the door I heard noises coming up the stairs and I thought it was Mrs Bailey but no it was Mr Fourie and Mr Munro with water guns.I was the very first person to get squirted so I ran into the dorm and told  everyone and so I hid behind one of the bunk beds,which didn't help at all.Once all of that was over and dusted we all got ready for the morning run,which as ok.Once we all finished our run we headed back to the lodge and had our breakfast,and group 5,6 and 7 had survival camp so we had to go and pack.This was the activity I didn’t want to do as it involves doing the mud run and the groups that went the day before had warned us about how disgusting it was.We all walked to survival and got straight into our togs for the mud run.When it was my go I honestly was so scared until I actually got in,it was as bad but I still hated it.The mud smelt so bad and each step you took it was like stepping in a pile of cow poop (which it practically was).We then made a fire and cooked our sausages for lunch then we played some activities.After that we went back to our fires and decided what we were going to make for dinner my group made spaghetti bolognese which actually was pretty good.All our groups headed back to the camp grounds and got ready for the talent quest and line dance.Watching the performances was really hilarious and entertaining.
Day 3:Fortunately day 3 we didn't get woken up with water guns but we had the most uncomfortable sleep ever as we were in tents on the grass.We all had to get up at 6:00 and pack away our tents then head back for the morning run.After the morning run we had our breakfast and then we had to get ready for our first rotation of the day.My group had the flying fox and this was my favourite activity at the camp as two people went at a time and it was very fun soaring across the lake.After the flying fox,we went back for morning tea and into our nect rotation.Group 6 had horse games this was very fun because i've never rode a big horse before.Our next activity for the day was archery,this is something Im not that good at but it was really enjoyable.We had dinner and then had free time while the staff set up the dining room for the Y games.When it was time for the Y games everyone got excited.The Y games was really funny and we all had a great time.
Day 4:We all woke up and got ready for the morning run,then had breakfast and got ready for the top class event.The top class event was the best thing ever,we all had to work as a class to choose 4 students to do each activity.It started off with a run and then the climbing wall and then so on.Our class won which was Room 7.Once we had finished the top class event we went to lunch and up to the dorms to pack our bags to get ready to go home.Everyone brought there bags down so they could load them on the bus.We all hopped on the bus and we went back to school.
I was really sad to leave lakewood lodge as I had so much fun there.

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